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1887-P VAM-26

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1887-P VAM-26 Slanted Date
Die 3 - ''Die marker'' - Diagonal polish lines on TY of LIBERTY<br />
Die 4 - Date at left side of normal lateral position. ''Die marker-'' Polishing lines in RTY of LIBERTY.<br />
Die 5 - Date slightly left of middle normal lateral position. Slightly doubled Liberty head profile at nose and upper lip. ''Die marker'' -Die polishing lines in RTY of LIBERTY.<br />
Die 6 - Date left edge of normal lateral position. ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines in RT of LIBERTY. <br />
Die 3 - ''Die marker'' -<br />
Die 4 - ''Die marker'' - Polishing lines right of wreath bow.<br />
Die 5 - ''Die marker'' -Die polishing lines in wing-neck gap (same as VAM 37).<br />
Die 6 - ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines wing-neck gap.<br />
image:1887-P VAM-26 Revised.jpg |'''LVA Plate Photos: Die #4'''
[[image:1887PV26D5_lines_in_RTY.jpg| 350px]] [[image:1887PV26D5_lines_in_gap.jpg| 350px]]<br>
[[image:Andywoj00_87PV26D6_Polish_lines_RT.jpg| 350px]] [[image:Andywoj00_87PV26D6_Polish_lines_neck_gap.jpg| 350px]]<br>
'''Die 6'''<br>
[[image:Aw_112718a.jpg| 400px]] [[image:Aw_112718ka.jpg| 400px]] [[image:Aw_112718m.jpg| 400px]]<br>
= Full Coin Photos =
VAM-26 Die #1<br />
VAM-26 Die #2 From Heritage's auction archives another [[ here]] [[ here ]] [[ here]] [[ here]] [[ here]]<br />
Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-26 '''Die #6''' images on loan to VAMworld courtesy of Andrew Wojtowich. ATTRIBUTED BY Leroy Van Allen.<br />
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[[1887-P VAM-26#TOP|Top]]<br />

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