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Official VAM Listing for The 1889-P Morgan Dollar - WR

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Official VAM Listing
[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1889-P VAM-1E]] Denticle Impressions Below Arrow Feathers [[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />
[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1889-P VAM-1F]] Denticle Impressions Below Wreath Bow<br />
[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1889-P VAM-1G]] Die Scratch Cap Top *New 2019*<br />
[[image:New White Camera.jpg]] [[1889-P VAM-2]] Open 9<br />
[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1889-P VAM-3]] Doubled 18-9 and Right Stars, Far Date [[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />

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