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The VAM of the Week: 1880-P VAM-19B (Tripled 8, Doubled 1-80, Pitted E-D, Spiked Hair Front)
'''Obverse III2 19''' 1 doubled slightly below crossbar. First 8 is tripled at bottom right outside of both loops. Second 8 and 0 are doubled slightly at top left and right outside. 0 tripled slightly on left inside. Pitted E-D with die gouge from front of hair. <br />
Diagonal die gouge from front of hair and diagonal die gouge above 2nd U of UNUM. Small area of raised dots in field back of Phrygian cap from rusted die.<br />
'''Reverse C3a''' Raised dots from rusted die pits between E and D of ONE DOLLAR and a few raised dots at right inside in O of DOLLAR.<br />

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