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1921-P VAM-44 Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Profile
= '''The VAM of the Week:''' [[1889-P VAM-23A]] Slanted Date, Clashed Obverse IN & ST=
=1921[[1889-P VAM-44 Infrequently Reeded23A]] Slanted Date, Doubled ProfileClashed Obverse IN & ST=This coin is a Top 100 Hot 50 Morgan VAM.<br />'''44 IV 35 23A III221 · D2a C3a (Infrequently ReededSlanted Date, Doubled ProfileClashed Obverse In & st) (157190) I-5 R-87'''.<br />'''Obverse IV 35 – Slightly doubled and tripled profile, including front of LIBERTY band, hair above forehead, nose, lips, chin and neck.'''<br />III221–'''Very slightly tripled right stars heavily clashed die with bold incuse n and left stars 6 & 7.'''<br />'''Reverse D2a – First reported D2 partial incuse I of In from reverse with infrequent reeding.'''<br />'''Die markers – Horizontal polishing line thru eagle’s right wing, fourth showing next to Liberty head neck and ninth outside feathers partial incuse st of Trust from wing bottomreverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge.'''<br />'''Comments:'''<br />'''The "sister" VAMs to VAM 44 are VAM 45 Deepest clashed In known and VAM 101, which have the same pickups but NO wide reedingfirst die reported with clashed letter other than E.'''<br /> '''I have been looking for this lady for some time. She is very difficult to locate. If you don't believe me try to find one'''<br />
[[image:1921-P = Full Coin Photos =Full Coin VAM23A Images © Variety Slabbing Service, used with permission<br /><gallery mode="slideshow">89v23a-44 Dbld Profileobv.jpg]] |'''(Deepest clashed "IN" known)''' [[image:1921-P VAM89v23a-44 Line in Featherrev.jpg]]|'''(Deepest clashed "IN" known)''' </gallery>
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