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1878-P VAMs WR

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|+1878-P Morgan Dollar
! align="center" |'''How to properly attribute your 1878-P Obverse Morgan Dollar VAMs ''' ([[MPD1878-P-2012_attribution_guide|Attributing 1878-P VAMs]] on Obverse)
! align="center" | '''1878-P VAM Stats '''
([[LDS]] For all 5 Reverse types )
<gallery mode="packed-hover" widths=300px heights=300px perrow=3>
Image:1878 RonH VAM-14.11 OBV REV 01152016.jpg|''[[1878-P VAM-14.11|1878-P 8TF]]'' (Wild Eye 8TF) image:1878_RonH_VAM-44_OBV_1222201244_REV_12222012.jpg|''[[1878-P VAM-44|1878-P 7/8TF]]'' (The King of VAMs 7/8TF)image:1878_RonH_VAM1878 RonH VAM-79_OBV_279 REV 2--0mnnmn.jpg|''[[1878-P VAM-79|1878-P 7TF B1 Long Nock]]'' {Missing nostril 7TF Long Nock)image:1878_RonH_VAM-123_MS63DMPL_OBV_06102015123_MS63DMPL_REV_06102015.jpg|''[[1878-P VAM-123|1878-P 7TF B2 Short Nock]]'' ( ultra-rare 7TF Short NockVAM)image:1878_RonH_VAM-221B_OBV_PLATE_06282014221B_REV_PLATE_06282014.jpg|''[[1878-P VAM-221B|1878-P 7TF REV of 79]]'' {Die Gouges Reverse 7TF REV of 79)
|''' 1. [[1878-P 8TF VAMs - WR|1878-P 8 Tail Feathers]]'''||'''1. Mintage: 10,443,300 (Courtesy of PCGS Coin Facts)'''
|'''2. [[1878-P 7/8TF VAMs - WR|1878-P 7/8 Tail Feathers]]'''||'''2. Proof Mintage: 800 (Courtesy of PCGS Coin Facts ) '''
|'''3. [[1878-P 7 Tail Feathers B1 Long Nock - WR|1878-P 7 Tail Feathers B1 Long Nock]]'''||'''23. Die Pairs: 92 (Source: Annual Reports of the Director of the Mint)'''
|'''4. [[1878-P 7 Tail Feathers, B2 Short Nock,- WR|1878-P 7TF B2 Short Nock]]'''||'''34. [[Die Study Roll Call|Die Study]] completed: Yes.'''
|'''5. [[1878-P 7 Tail Feathers, Reverse of 79- WR|1878-P 7TF Reverse of 79 ]]'''||4'''5.One [[Morgan Dollar Rotated Dies|Rotated Die:]]'''

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