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1921-P VAM-44 Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Profile
= '''The VAM of the Week:''' [[1921-P VAM-44]] Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Profile (Top 100 Morgan VAM)=
=19221921-P VAM-2A Ear Ring 44 Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Profile=This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.<br />'''44 IV 35 · D2a (Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Profile) (157) I-5 R-8'''.<br />'''Obverse IV 35 – Slightly doubled and tripled profile, including front of LIBERTY band, hair above forehead, nose, lips, chin and neck.'''<br />'''Very slightly tripled right stars and left stars 6 & 7.'''<br />'''Reverse D2a – First reported D2 reverse with infrequent reeding.'''<br />'''Die Break= markers – Horizontal polishing line thru eagle’s right wing, fourth and ninth outside feathers from wing bottom.'''<br />'''Comments:'''<br />'''The "sister" VAMs to VAM 44 are VAM 45 and VAM 101, which have the same pickups but NO wide reeding.'''<br />
This coin is a [[Top 50 Peace Dollar VAMs|Top 50]] Peace Dollar VAM.<br />'''2A II1 - B2a (Ear Ring) I-3 R-4have been looking for this lady for some time. She is very difficult to locate. If you don't believe me try to find one'''<br />'''Obverse II 1''' [[image:1921-P VAM- Die crack from ear down to neck44 Dbld Profile.<br />'''Reverse B2a''' - Normal die<br />jpg]]
'''Comments:''' <br />'''1.''' According to the ''Official Guide to the Top 50 Peace Dollar Varieties'' by Jeff Oxman and Dr. David Close, the VAM-2A is one of the "crown jewels" of the Top 50 set.<br />'''2.''' The VAM-2A gets its name by a major die break located near Liberty's ear that "dangles" down to her neck above the second "2" in the date. Early die states show a string of four connected lumps of metal visible on the surface of the coin. Later die states show a progression in the size of the break, and as shown in the photo below, an increase in size to where the metal of the break joined together to make the largest die break in the Top 50 Peace Dollar series.<br />  [[image:1922Pvam2a_1.jpg]] [[image:1922_RonH_VAM1921-2A_OBV_04262011.jpg]] [[Image:1922 RonH P VAM-2A REV 0426201144 Line in Feather.jpg]]
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