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1897-S VAMs WR

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{| class=1897-S VAM Stats"wikitable" style='''1.''' Mintage"margin: 5,825,000 <br />'''2.''' Die Pairsauto; background-color: 98 (Source: Annual Reports of the Director of the Mint) <br />#c8ccd1;" cellpadding="10"'''3.''' [[Die Study Roll Call|Die Study]] completed: No. <br />- = Attribution Guides for The |+1897-S Morgan Dollar ! align="center" |'''1.''' [[1897-S ObversesVAM-13A]]<br />Obverse '''2.|| ''' [[1897-S ReversesVAM-13A]]<br />Reverse ''' = Official VAM Listing =[[image:New White Camera.jpg]] [[1897|-S VAM-1]] Normal Die<br />| [[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAMS_RonH_VAM-1B]] Counter clash Lips, Die Gouges Wreath Bow<br />[[image:New Camera13A_OBV.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-1C]] Die Scratch Olive Branch<br />||[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S RonH VAM-2]] Doubled 18-7 [[image:1893-P Morgan Dollar13A REV.jpg]]<br /> [[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897|-S VAM-3]] S Tilted Right<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-3A]] S Tilted Right, Die Break Left Wreath<br /> [[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-4]] Doubled |''' 1-7, Die Gouge Wreath Bow [[image:1893-P Morgan Dollar.jpg]]<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[Attribution Guides for The 1897-S VAM-5]] Doubled 1 [[image:1893-P Morgan Dollar.jpg|Attribution Guides]]'''||'''<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-5A]] Doubled 1, Clashed Obverse u<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-6]] Doubled 1, S Tilted RightStats'''<br /u>[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM|-6A]] Doubled 1, Clashed Obverse us<br />[[image:New Camera|'''2.jpg]] [[1897-S Official VAM-7]] Very Near Date, Doubled 1, Tilted 7<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[Listing for The 1897-S VAM-8]] S Set High<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-9]] Near Date<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-10]] Near Date, S Tilted Right<br />[[image:New White Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-11]] Doubled 1-9<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-12]] Doubled 1, Tilted 7, Very Near Date,S Tilted Right [[image:1893-P Morgan Dollar.jpg]]<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S |Official VAM-13Listing]] Near Date, Doubled Leg, Spiked Lip, Gouge M [[image:1893-P Morgan Dollar'''||'''1.jpg]]<br />[[imageMintage:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-13A]] Near Date5, Doubled Leg825, Spiked Lip, Gouge M, Die Break Left Wreath [[image:1893-P Morgan Dollar.jpg]]<br />000''' [[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM|-14]] Doubled 1--7, S Tilted Right<br />[[image:New Camera|'''3.jpg]] [[1897-S List of Past VAM-15]] Double Profile & 8, S Set High, Engraved Wreath Feathers <br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[Assignments for The 1897-S VAM-15A]] Double Profile & 8, S Set High, Engraved Wreath Feathers, Die Break 8 [[image:1893-P Morgan Dollar.jpg]]<br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-16]] S Set High, Thread-Like Die Impression,Engraved Wreath Leaves [[image:1893-P Morgan Dollar.jpg]] <br />[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-17]] Doubled 18 <br /> = |List of Past VAM Assignments =[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1897-S VAM-1A]] '''||'''2. Die Break Left Wreath Pairs: 98 (Eliminated became[[1897-S VAM-3ASource: Annual Reports of the Director of the Mint)''' |VAM-3A]])<br />[[image:VAM-Delisted|'''4.jpg]] [[1897-S VAM-9ALegend|Legend]] Near Date, Spiked Lip (Eliminated, incorporated into [[1897-S VAM-13'''||VAM-13]])<br />[[image:VAM-Delisted'''3.jpg]][[1897-S VAM-9B]] Near Date, Spiked Lip, Die Break Left Wreath (Eliminated became [[1897-S VAM-13AStudy Roll Call|VAM-13ADie Study]])<br /> = Legendcompleted: = No.''' [[image:New Camera.jpg]] Photos of diagnostics shown on page.<br />|}'''[[image:1893-P Morgan Dollar.jpg]] LFCP of VAM. <br />[[image:FullVAMs by Date -Coin_CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg]] Full coin photo, needs WR|Back to be replaced with better one.<br />[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]] VAM has been eliminated altogether or phased into another number.<br />[[image:New White Camera.jpg]] No photos posted for this VAM.<br />[[image:pcgsvam.jpg]] This VAM is recognized Morgan VAMs by PCGS.<br />[[image:ngcvam.jpgDate Home Page]] This VAM is recognized by NGC.<br />As '''ANACS''', '''SEGS''', and Variety Slabbing Service ('''VSS''') recognize '''''all''''' VAMs currently in the official listings, no icon is shown for these services.<br />

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