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1879-S VAM-34B

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'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1.''' This obverse die was used on VAM-16A, [[1879-S VAM-34B|VAM-34B]] , [[1879-S VAM-57|VAM-57]], VAM-77, VAM-77A, and VAM-83. An earlier stage of this exact die is used for VAMs 77 and 77A.<br />
'''2.''' Only recently discovered in 2003, with just 6 known circulated specimens, the finest being low AU. A few folks out there are putting together complete VAM sets, but this coin and the VAM-56 are making completing an 1879-S Rev 78 set quite a challenge. David Wang is the pioneer on these VAMs and publishes regular population and value data.<br />
'''3.''' [[1879-S VAM-34|VAM-34]] is considered quite scare in its own right, with VAMs [[1879-S VAM-34A|34A]] and [[1879-S VAM-34B|34B]] each harder to locate. There are several types of broken 'r''s on 1878 reverses and it's easy to confuse them. [[1879-S VAM-34|VAM-34]] has the broken 'r' in "trust" with the top of the 'r' completely missing.<br />

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