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1879-S VAMs

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Attribution Guides for The 1879-S (Parallel Arrow Feather) Morgan Dollar
=Attribution Guides for The 1879-S (Parallel Arrow Feather) Morgan Dollar=
{| class="wikitable" style="float:left"! align="center" | '''Attribution Guides for The 1879-S Parallel Arrow Feather'''|-| 1. [[1879-S Reverse of 1878 Census]] |- | 2. [[1879S REV 78S Acid Treated Dies|1879 S Rev 78 S Acid Treated Dies]] |-| 3. [[1879 S Reverse of 1878 Sort By Reverse|Sort by Reverse of 1878]] |-| 4. [[1879-S Rev. of 78 Emission Sequence Charts]]|-| 5. Attributing your Reverse of 78 Guide your [[T R U S T]]|-| 6. By David Wang [[1879s rev 78|1879S+Rev+78]] Attribution/Facts|-| 7. By David Wang [[1879-S Reverse_of_1978|Reverse of the 1878]] Educational|}<gallery mode="packed" widths=200px 250px heights=200px 250px style="text-align:">
image:1879srev78v4tfld.jpg|center|'''1879-S Parallel Arrow Feather'''

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