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|| VAM No: VAMNo Obverse Die: Die # Reverse Die: Die # I-I rating R-R Rating
Set: Morgan or Peace Category: Common or Best of Breed Nominated by: Your VAMworld handle along with your name if you wish ||
|| Attribution Description: This is the description Leroy provided when the coin was attributed. That description might be suppemented with information on VAM Type 25 Types nor coverd in the description. ||
|| VAM Type 25 Types on VAM

  • Bulleted List of VAM Types found on this VAM ||

|| How It Happened: This should be a discussion of how this particular VAM was created ||
|| Why included in VAM Type 25: What is it about this VAM that caused us to add it to our list of VAM Type 25 VAMs? Be sure to include any educational points brought out by this VAM. ||
|| Attribution Tips: We will follow the convention of converting the words Attribution Tips into a link to the VAMworld attribution page for the VAM bring discussed.
Most attribution pages don't provide tips on how to pick the VAM in question. We might also comment on rarity in circulated and uncirculated form, especially if our experience with rarity varies considerably from Leroy's initial assessment. The tips should address attributing both with coin in hand and with online images. ||
Note: This template does not identify the particular VAM 25 type this VAM is linked to for a number of reasons:

  1. We may decide to use a particular VAM as an example of more than one VAM 25 Type or of an Obverse or Reverse die type.
  2. At some point in the future we may want to reassign this VAM to a different VAM 25 Type, especially if we change the list of Types.
  3. The collector may decide to assign this VAM to a different type than we originally assigned it to.