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VAMworld Membership Request
If you agree to the membership terms below, apply for membership and and you will be granted posting / editing privileges by the moderator.
Welcome to VAMworld!

VAMworld is a moderated site. We seek to encourage the VAM hobby, explore coins and welcome newbies. We work hard to maintain a fun and useful environment that encourages people to participate, and participate in a positive way. This is a membership site, and if you can't play nice with others, you don't need to post or interact here. The site is about VAMs and we talk about coins. Please, don’t get personal and don’t get mean. Posts should be about VAMs and coins, not the people on the site, or the way you want them to act. If you don't like a question/post, let it go. The site is moderated and if a thread gets out of hand it will be locked or deleted and the violators may be suspended, lose their posting privileges, or removed from membership completely.
By requesting membership you are certifying that you do not have an existing account on VAMworld (only one per person please) and are attesting that you have not been suspended from membership.
If you have something you are looking to buy or sell, that belongs on the [buy/sell/trade message board]. Use that board to request coin values or talk about commercial topics.
There is a tutorial for posting pictures as well. It’s confusing at first to learn to post pictures, and please read about naming your files before uploading them.
There is a VAMworld decorum page. Please take a few minutes and look the advice and we will have a great place to learn about VAMS.
Questions? [Ask the VAMworld administrator]. We look forward to you participating in VAMworld! Once the moderator approves your membership request you will be able to post messages and edit pages.