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Welcome to the general discussion page for VAMWorld!

Before posting, please read and understand the rules of VAMworld Etiquette
Commercial posts must be on the [Buy, Sell, Trade, Advertise discussion] page. Those posted here will be removed.
Live auctions may not be posted here and will be removed. Before posting any photos, please read and understand the photo post tutorial and/or [watch a video on how to post photos], which includes instructions and guidance for posting photos.
This is a moderated site. Posts containing home addresses may be removed. Content not about VAMs and inflammatory posts may be removed. Posting rights will be revoked if necessary. Concerned with a post here? [Contact the administrators.]
IMPORTANT: Since a new message board has been established (see link at left), this message board has been locked. Please 'use New VAMWorld Forums for new discussions. 'You will need to create a new account there if you haven't already.