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As we have new folks join the site and join into the fun, we have mega photos posted, which make viewing them very difficult for me. I know others have the same problem. I guess I am just the most vocal about this.
For folks taking and posting photos, may I suggest that you try the following. The size of preference on this site appears to be 640x480.
1. ALL (I repeat, ALL) hardware has a way to define the file size of photos taken. Please read the instructions for any hardware you use. This is the best way to head off the problem before it starts.
2. If you cannot figure that out, then several software packages will allow you to down-size the photos.
3. Adobe Acrobat Pro will do this. Note this is NOT the free download of Adobe. But if you have it, you can open you photos in Adobe, and "Save" them as "jpgs". You can do this with the toggle at the bottom of the "SAVE" box which says "Save as Type). If you do this, you will see a toggle in the right hand side of the "SAve" box that says "Settings". At the bottom of the "Settings" box you will see "Resolution". Go to that and size the photo appropriately.
4. If you have Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can do the same thing. Iuse Revsion 7. Open your photo, and go to the top toggle that says "image". Go down to "Resize". There you can choose the photo size, again use 640x480.
5. Most of you will have the PAINT program on your computer. This comes standard with any Microsoft system. If you can't find it, go to "Start", then "Programs", then "Accessories", the to "Paint". Open your picture. Then go to the "Image" toggle at the top, the to "Attributes". There you can save the image to the correct size.