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On vacation in Alaska
Steve Hyatt.jpg
Member Name: Steve Hyatt
posting name: shyatt01
ebay: shyatt01
On a farm in southwest Wisconsin
Born and grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I've lived in:
Angola, African
Gulfport, MS
Houston, TX
North Carolina
New Orleans, LA
Milwaukee, WI
Security Addendum:
It occurs to me that WIKI is a pretty wide open forum. As an FYI, I keep all my coins in a bank safety deposit box. When I get new coins I immediately take pictures and off to the bank they go.
In addition, the Tibetan Mastiffs that we breed on the farm are a serious guardian dog, with at least a thousand years of breeding / selection for guarding homes, monasteries, and caravans. They have a calm disposition and are loving and protective of family members. They are also large, very strong and agile, and have no patience with or tolerance of intruders. Someone breaking into our home would encounter over 900 pounds of fighting biomass. Consider this to be a "Beware of Dog" warning for potential intruders!
Finally, as on most farms, we have a excellent set of home security tools (by Remington, Colt, and Ruger) at hand if a need for self defense should unfortunately arise.
I've worked in the information technology field since 1979 in various roles; programmer, systems analyst, database administrator, database designer, project manager. I've been an independent consultant since 2000.
Other Interests:
Kayaking, trips to Alaska, and breeding Tibetan Mastiffs. Website: [Washani Tibetan Mastiffs]
Coin Collecting:
I started collecting coins when I was 12, so I've been a collector for over 40 years. I started with Morgan Dollars. I wish I had more of the coins I bought back then, since I was focusing on higher quality coins when a lot of folks thought "BU" and "GEM BUS" were the only un-circulated grades. I collected a number of series over the years, but I focused back on silver dollars in 2000, and really got interested in VAMs in 2004.
What I like to collect:
Number 1: Clashed dies. I'm trying to build a high grade Super CD set.
Number 2: 1889 doubled ears. I'm trying to cherry pick every variety. (I sell or trade them after I get them, to finance #1)
Number 3: 8TF I have a few of the rarer coins, and several of the more common ones. After I finish the Super CD set I'd like to focus on completing the set. (Of course I'm always open to cherry picking a nice one!)
Number 4: Various CC VAMs. There are a lot of interesting ones out there (84CC VAM 4B and 7A for example) that aren't on any of the "lists". Again, I trade or sell them after I find. See Number 1.
Number 5: The "list" VAMs, for the fun of the hunt. I'm trying to build a "virtual" VAM registry. Once I snag it and take pictures, I can let it go to free up capital. Kind of a "catch and release" program.

Favorite VAMs:

Have to be 1889-P 23A. I guess the odds of cherry picking it are lower than me winning the lottery. If I win the lottery I'll go out and buy one.