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1903-P VAM-17A
Collaboration by SD Members
This Variety may or may not contain an Obverse collar clash.
Three rows of denticle impressions of outside of denticles with three small raised features at olive branch end tip, four raised features below the tip and two raised features between Wreath Leaves. The positioning of the aforementioned features match denticle spacings.
Reverse Marker: Diagonal polishing lines can be seen in the Wreath Bow and surrounding areas, with a single vertical polishing line observable in the middle of the Bow.
In addition to the VAM-17A Attributes and Marker mentioned above, the following are noted.
A) Obverse:
This coin contains an Obverse Collar clash, which runs from the I to the S in PLURIBUS.
B) Reverse:
With regard to the Reverse Marker, the vertical line in the middle of the Wreath Bow on this coin can only be seen when at just the right viewing angle; see photograph 17d.
This coin also contains die polishing lines in the lower extremities of the Eagle.
VAMWorld's information on the VAM-17A is contained in that VAM's Main Topic Page (MTP). To view VAM-17A's MTP, please click on the link I have provided below:
VAMWorld MTP: [ http://www.vamworld.com/1903-P+VAM-17A ]
More photos @ http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/Main/PhPa1903V17ARTM041017

Diagnostic Photographs

||||||= 1903-P VAM-17A Raw Coin (189) I-3 R-5 ||
|||||| Click on photograph to enlarge. Then click on an area of interest for maximum detail. Click "Back" to return. ||
||= [[image:rtm_1903_P_LFCP_041017a.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1903_P_LFCP_041017a.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1903_P_LFCP_041017b.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1903_P_LFCP_041017b.jpg]] |