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1900-P VAM-16A 2 Olive Reverse, 900 in Denticles

Discovered by Jeff Oxman.
Special Note: The designation of Vam-16A was never authorized by Leroy Van Allen. This coin was inadvertently included in Jeff Oxman's excellent publication "Hot 50"; and has been identified by major Grading Services as a Vam-16A. It is the Late Die State (LDS) of the Vam-16; and ongoing discussions regarding this matter continue. Due to the relatively small population of Vam-16As certified by Anacs, NGC, and PCGS, it is, in my opinion, a desirable acquisition as a slab error.
16(revised) III2 23 · C4/C3b (2 Olive Reverse, 900 in Denticles) (189) I-3 R-3
Obverse III2 23– Tops of 900 showing in denticles as raised curved bars in single denticle space below 9, in two adjacent denticle spaces below first 0, and in single denticle space to left of second 0. Heavy polishing lines in wheat leaves.
Reverse C4/C3b– Extra olive to right of olive connected to olive branch. Doubling at base of left olive leaf cluster, back of lower arrow head, right side of the eagle’s nostril and eye, and upper feathers of eagle’s left wing. Pitting about Eagle’s neck on some specimens.
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LVA Plate Photos

1900-P VAM-16 2 Olive Rev1.jpg1900-P VAM-16 Pitting Eagle's Neck.jpg
Comments on Coin:

  • The tops of misplaced digits 900 showing above the denticles.
  • The date is placed in the normal range.
  • There are heavy polishing lines in wheat leaves.
  • This coin shows pitting around the Eagle's neck.
  • There is an extra olive to the right of the olive connected to the olive branch.
  • Collaboration by:rtm/rmg/lae2.

Diagnostic photographs:

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