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1900-O VAM-21D
Collaboration by: SD Members
The Date is set further left than is normal with a die crack that appears to begin at Left Star #1, proceeds through the Bust Point and ends at the left tip of the crossbar of 1. Another crack starts in the field just to the left of 1 and travels under the 1, through the bottom portion of 900, and into the field heading toward Right Star #1. That die crack may be an offshoot of the crack that travels from Left Star #1 to the crossbar of 1.
Obverse Markers:
The Mint Mark is set high and is centered in an upright position. A die crack can be seen at the tops of STATES OF with a die break between the A and T. Another crack runs from the Rim above the right side of the A and connects to the die break between the A and T. Additionally, a small chip is located at the top inside of the E. Another die crack is seen running through the top of AM in AMERICA with an additional crack that begins at the Rim just above the right portion of the M. These cracks meet just before the E and travels along the top of ERIC. A die crack runs from the Left Star along the top of UNITE in UNITED, through the middle of the D, and crosses over the tip portion of the Eagle's Right Wing into the top of the first S in STATES.
Reverse Marker: The VAM-21D is easily identified by the crack that runs from the Rim to the die break between the A and T.
It appears that Lady Liberty's Ear is doubled at the lower portion of the outside of the earlobe, as well as at the bottom of the earlobe.
Please enjoy the last photograph (16r). I call it the "Smoking Gun". The smoke-like feature coming from the Eagle's Beak is likely caused by post mint damage (PMD). The damage just so happens to occur at the exact spot where smoke, as depicted in many cartoons, should be expected to be drifting after a gun has been fired.
VAMWorld's information on the VAM-21D is contained in that VAM's Main Topic Page (MTP). To view VAM-21D's MTP, please click on the link I have provided below:
VAMWorld MTP: [ [[1]] ]
More photos @ http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/Main/NeOr1900V21DRTM112716

Diagnostic Photographs

||||||= 1900-O VAM-21D PCGS MS64 (181) I-2 R-6 ||
|||||| Click on photograph to enlarge. Then click on an area of interest for maximum detail. Click "Back" to return. ||
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_LFCP_112716_1.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_LFCP_112716_1.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_LFCP_112716_2.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_LFCP_112716_2.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_112716a.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716a.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_112716b.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716b.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_112716c.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716c.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_112716d.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716d.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_112716e.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716e.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_112716f.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716f.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_112716g.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716g.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_112716h.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716h.jpg]] |

Additional Photographs

||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_112716i.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716i.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_112716j.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716j.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_112716k.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716k.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_112716l.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716l.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_112716m.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716m.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_112716n.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716n.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_112716o.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716o.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_112716p.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716p.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_112716q.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716q.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_112716r.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_112716r.jpg]] |
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