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1900-O VAM-15A
Collaboration by SD Members
The Obverse shows a single clash line, which exits the Neck Line at a about a quarter of the way from the joint of Liberty's Jaw and Neck Line. That line was created by the clashing of the Eagle's Right Wing. Some specimens show two or three clash lines (Triple Clashed). A partial incused n of the In found on the Reverse shows next to Liberty's Neck Line. The Date is set further left than is normal with doubling to 00. The two Right Stars show significant doubling, and this feature is a key to identifying this VAM. Liberty's Nose to Chin area shows the remains of the clashing of Left Wreath Clusters #1 and #2. The Legend LIBERTY and the area encompassing the Wheat Kernels and Leaves contain a large number of die file lines.
Note: While the Triple Clashed specimen may have all of the attributes of the Single and Double Clashed VAM-15A except that it has three clash lines, it is not a VAM-15A. The third clash line hid the partially incused n; which is the key attribute of a VAM-15A. Without the partially incused n, the Triple Clashed specimen reverts back to the VAM-15 (still a very nice VAM). There are many Morgan enthusiasts actively searching for a Triple Clash that has not hidden the incused n. Perhaps a Triple Clashed coin will show up sporting that sought after incused n.
Listed Obverse Markers: None
The Mint Mark is set high and is positioned slightly to the left. Left Wreath Clusters #1 and #2 show the clashing of Lady Liberty's Lip and the Right Wreath Clusters #1 and #2 show the clashing of the back bottom part of the Phrygian Cap (Cap Vee area). The clash line created by Lady Liberty's Neck Line runs from the Eagle's Right Wing to the left leg of the n of In.
Listed Reverse Markers: None

  • The feature that can be seen running into the Field from Lady Liberty's Jaw is an outer Wing clash mark. If you use a clash gauge or rotation device, you can see that it matches up to the outer feathers of the Eagle's Right Wing. That same feature appears on my both of my Double Clashed VAM-15As.
  • The Field around the back bottom part of the Phrygian Cap does not show the effects of the clashing event.
  • Two clear die polishing lines run from the Eagle's Left Wing to the bottom middle part of the s in Trust. Additional lines run from the Left Wing in the direction of the bottom left part of the s and toward the bottom middle part of the u in Trust. These same die polishing lines can be see in my 2015 and 2016 Double Clashed VAM-15As.

VAMWorld's information on the VAM-15A is contained in that VAM's Main Topic Page (MTP). To view VAM-15A's MTP, please click on the link I have provided below:
VAMWorld MTP: [ http://www.vamworld.com/1900-O+VAM-15A ]

More photos @ http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/Main/NeOr1900V15ARTM011717

Diagnostic Photographs

||||||= 1900-O VAM-15A PCGS MS64 (189) I-4 R-6 ||
|||||| Click on photograph to enlarge. Then click on an area of interest for maximum detail. Click "Back" to return. ||
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_LFCP_011717a.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_LFCP_011717a.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_LFCP_011717b.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_LFCP_011717b.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717a.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717a.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717b.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717b.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717c.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717c.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717d.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717d.jpg]] |

Additional Photographs

||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717e.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717e.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717f.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717f.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717g.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717g.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717g1.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717g1.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717g2.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717g2.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717j1.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717j1.jpg]] |

Additional Photographs

||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717k.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717k.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717l.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717l.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717m.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717m.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717n.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717n.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717o.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717o.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717p.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717p.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717q.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717q.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717r.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717r.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717s.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717s.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717t.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717t.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717u.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717u.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717v.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717v.jpg]] |
||= [[image:rtm_1900_O_011717w.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717w.jpg]] |=
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717x.jpg 415px
|link=rtm_1900_O_011717x.jpg]] |
[[image:rtm_1900_O_011717xa.jpg 415px
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