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1884-O VAM-29A O/O Centered High, Doubled Ear, Far Date, Die Chip Star

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie April 2006.
29A III217 · C3i (O/O Centered High, Doubled Ear, Far Date, Die Chip Star) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III217– Die crack through the Left Stars with die chip on the outside of sixth Left Star.
Comments: This reverse shared with VAM-13, VAM-29, and VAM-29A.
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Comments on Posted Coin:

  • The Date is set further right than normal (Far Date)
  • Die crack from first Left Star travels to the Bust Point and then to bottom of the Date.
  • Die crack appears through Left Stars.
  • The sixth Left Star is chipped on the outside.
  • The Ear is doubled.
  • The O/O Mintmark is centered and set in the High Position.
  • Collaboration by:rtm/rmg/lae2.

LVA Plate Photos

1884-O VAM-29A Chip 6th Left Star.jpg1884-O VAM 13-O over-O Centered High.jpg

Diagnostic photographs:

||||= 1884-O VAM-29A Raw Coin III217 - (181) I-2 R-5 ||
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||= Rtm 1884-O Obv 3-26-16.jpg || Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16.jpg ||
||= Rtm 1884-O Obv 3-30-16.jpg || Rtm 1884-O Obv 3-26-16b.jpg ||
||= Rtm 1884-O Obv 3-26-16c.jpg || Rtm 1884-O Obv 3-26-16d.jpg ||
||= Rtm 1884-O Obv 3-26-16e.jpg ||
Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16a.jpg ||
||= Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16b.jpg ||
Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16c.jpg ||
||= Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16d.jpg ||
Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16e.jpg ||
||= Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16f.jpg || Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16g.jpg ||
||= Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16h.jpg ||
Rtm 1884-O Rev 3-26-16i.jpg ||
Rtm 1884-O Obv 4-7-16.jpg ||