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09-21-201522mmmmkkkkkkkk3 "You simply cannot trust quotes found on the internet." - Abraham Lincoln
Name and Bio
Hello, my name is Ron Hagler, aka RonH270.
I started collecting in 1949 when operating my father’s cash register in his 24 hour restaurant in Oklahoma. I was amazed at the different types of coins that would come across the counter. Included were silver dollars, barbers, 1916 coinage and of course the post war modern coins. Occasionally there would be a seated dime or quarter. In a couple of years, I would purchased the 1800 coins.
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Kater Inn, 1949, Lawton, Oklahoma
Like most folks, sold this collection when the babies started coming. And it would be a while before I could start a new collection. During that respite in collecting, I managed to get a job in my chosen profession, cinematography.
I was the chief photographer at KOTV in Tulsa, Ok. and like many folks in the news business, it was a stroke of absolute luck that landed me that job. Four years later, I took the job as Vice-President of a local film production company. Added a partner, bought the company, and ran Hagler-Callaway Film Productions for 16 years. During that time, I filmed on all continents except Antarctica. I was made an honorary member of the Australian Cinematographer Society and won many prestigious events here in the states.
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Here, accepting the Gold Camera Award in Chicago
In 1982 the drop in oil prices gutted the oil business, along with Tulsa and a lot of my clients, since the Tulsa economy was tied 60% - 70% to the oil business. I was planning on doing my retirement plans early when an old friend called me from the CBS News Dallas Bureau and needed some help. We were busy with the usual news events along with a few earthquakes, bunch of hurricanes, Desert Storm, the Davidians, Oklahoma City bombing, other crazy stories and picked up an EMMY along the way. I worked with them until retiring in 2006. Inducted into Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame 2014.

--------------- Lost a great" person in Steve Fosset -----------"

------------ A motley crew in Wisconsin --------------------------

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---- Good trip to the Rio Grande with Jim Anderson, Dan Rather and me. ----

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---- © Me, Rather and my partner for 24 years, Patrick O'Dell. We had a great time - most of the time. © ----

Finally …. retirement! I told everybody all those years that I was going to get me a white lap dog when the R-Day comes. Sugar’s picture is at the very top. Ha, did you notice? Sugar and I needed something to fill our time, so we decided to turn my coin collecting hobby into a little bourse table business and that’s how we spend our extra time. But I sold out and now all we do is drive around in our cars.
I’d like to encourage everyone to join the SSDC. It has brought me a wealth of information, along with this site. It’s absolutely amazing the coin information on the web.
VAM's I enjoy --- the E clashes and actually, all of them. I think it's a great educational hunt.
I also enjoy classical music, movies, archery, skeet shooting, fishing, hunting and "Imus In The Morning".
My favorite place is Machu Picchu and I hope to get Sugar and I down there for a couple of months soon.
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