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1884-O, VAM-37A2 Stage Progression for VW audience.
Please see the attached four photographs of a non-attributed NGC MS62 coin I believe to be an 1884-O, VAM-37A2.
It appears to me that the die chip as seen in the photographs in the VAM-37 family MTPs has evolve into a die break and no longer a die chip. In addition, it looks as though a gouge has appeared on the second 8; and, I haven't been able to dislodge by striking the slab. Also, the obverse and reverse clash lines appear to be much less well developed as they should be.
Has anyone seen coins from this die pair that are from later in the mint progression?
As always, I appreciate your help.
Out of respect for the VAMWorld space quota, no photographs were uploaded to VW in the making of this post.
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||||||= =Suggested Die Progression: Break at "U" and Chips on Cap, Date & Clash= ||
||= ==37A2 62== ||= ==37A2 64== ||
|||| Click on photo to enlarge . Click "Back" to return. ||
||= File:Http:// 1884 O 081816e1.jpg 415px |=
File:Http:// 1884O 091015b.jpg 415px |
||= File:Http:// 1884 O 081816g.jpg 415px |=
File:Http:// 1884O 091015c.jpg 415px |
||= File:Http:// 1884 O 081816p1.jpg 415px |=
File:Http:// 1884O 091015m.jpg 415px |
||= File:Http:// 1884 O 081816aa.jpg 415px |=
File:Http:// 1884O 091015v.jpg 415px |
||= File:Http:// 1884 O 081816 2.jpg 415px |=
File:Http:// 1884O 091015h.jpg 415px |
||= link= width=415" link= |=
File:Http:// 1884O 091015s.jpg 415px |