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1898-O VAM-29

1898-O VAM-29 Doubled right 8, Profile, High O
Discovered by: Loren Evey & Ronald Gapa
29 III215 · C3a (Doubled right 8 & Profile) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III217–Doubled right 8 & Slightly doubled profile on nose, lips and chin.
Reverse C3b Die scratches left wing.
Threads: http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/79758548
Posted coin Comments:

  • Possible clashed "s" in hair vee. Much more Obv. doubling than TP suggest. Slanted date.
  • VSS VAM-22. 7-25-15 PCGS ms63 UPDATE: NV VAM-29 10/14/16
  • Collaboration by: rmg/lae2
  • Sent to LVA 9/21/16
  • [LVA Discovery Letter]


LVA Plate Photos

Diagnostic photographs:

    1898-O VAM-29  Raw Coin (rmg_1898O_021714). (181)I-2 R-5 
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Rmg 1898O 021714a.jpgRmg 1898O 021714b.jpg

   Date ||  Date placed left within normal boundaries. 

Rmg 1898O 021714c.jpgRmg 1898O 021714h.jpg

   Slanted date (not listed) || Clear field between "8" and star. 

Rmg 1898O 021714e.jpgRmg 1898O 021714f.jpg

   Doubled chin and lips. Possible doubled stars. ||  Doubled nose, lips, and chin. 

Rmg 1898O 021714p.jpgRmg 1898O 021714d.jpg

  Possible doubled inside Ear. ||  Doubled lips and nostril. 

Rmg 1898O 021714i.jpgRmg 1898O 021714j.jpg

   Obverse ||  Reverse 

Rmg 1898O 021714k.jpgRmg 1898O 021714u.jpg

   Tail feathers slightly doubled. || Mint mark slightly high and right (not listed). 

Rmg 1898O 021714m.jpgRmg 1898O 021714n.jpg

   Wing clash line. || Possible clashed "s" in hair V. 

Rmg 1898O 021714o.jpgRmg 1898O 021714g.jpg

   Doubled nose. ||  Profile doubling may be stronger than discovery coin. 

Rmg 1898O 021714q.jpgRmg 1898O 021714r.jpg

   Metal on talon and berry. || Mint mark placed high and right (not listed). 

Rmg 1898O 021714s.jpgRmg 1898O 021714l..jpg

   Clashed neck line shows laryngeal prominence. || Heavy neck clash at wing line. 

Rmg 1898O 021714za.jpgRmg 1898O 021714z.jpg

   "O" placed high and a touch right. || New Orleans . 

Rmg 1898O 021714zc.jpgRmg 1898O 021714zd.jpg

    Caption. ||   Caption. 

Rmg 1898O 021714ze.jpgRmg 1898O 021714zf.jpg

   Caption. ||   Caption. 

Rmg 1898O 021714zk.jpgRmg 1898O 021714zl.jpg

     Caption. ||   Caption. 

Rmg 1898O 021714zo.jpgRmg 1898O 021714zp.jpg

    Caption. ||   Caption. ||

Rmg 1898O 021714zv.jpgRmg 1898O 021714zw.jpg
Rmg 1898O 021714zx.jpgRmg 1898O 021714zy.jpg
Rmg 1898O 021714zz.jpgRmg 1898O 021714zza.jpg
Rmg 1898O 021714zzb.jpgRmg 1898O 021714zzc.jpg
Rmg 1898O 021714zzd.jpgRmg 1898O 021714zze.jpg
T0P [ 1898-O VAM-22 ]
Collaboration by rmg/lae2 and the membership of VAMWorld