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1887-P VAM-14A: Additional Studies by RMG/LAE2

These studies, unless noted otherwise, are from unattributed coins and are not vetted by the VAMWorld membership.
Discovered by Bill Van Note June 2004.
14A(revised) III214 · C3a (Near Date, Clashed n & st) ( ? ) I-2 R-6
Obverse III214– Clashed die with faint partial incuse n of In from reverse next to Liberty head neck and faint partial incuse st of Trust from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge. Very slight doubling at right inside of ear. (VAM descriptions are cited from the 1887-P VAM-14A main topic page.)

  • There may be a full clash of the designer's initial M, but perhaps only for a particular die state. The chin clash may also reflect a particular die state.
  • PCGS MS-62 12/2/14

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Diagnostic photographs:

    1887 P VAM-14A: Near Date, Clashed n & st - PCGS MS62 12/2/14 
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Rmg 1887P 081114a.jpgRmg 1887P 081114b.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114c.jpgRmg 1887P 081114d.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114e.jpgRmg 1887P 081114f.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114g.jpgRmg 1887P 081114h.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114i.jpgRmg 1887P 081114j.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114k.jpgRmg 1887P 081114l.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114m.jpgRmg 1887P 081114n.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114q.jpgRmg 1887P 081114r.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114s.jpgRmg 1887P 081114t.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114u.jpgRmg 1887P 081114v.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114w.jpgRmg 1887P 081114x.jpg

Rmg 1887P 081114o.jpgRmg 1887P 081114p.jpg

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