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Hi, this is a 1921-P Morgan dollar. The star on the front looks broken and it has some sort of raised metal on the front of the coin. If anyone has seen this before or knows what it is, please let me know. Thank you! -John
Can anyone provide additional information on this 1921 P Morgan dollar?
reply- likely post mint damage in a slot machine
1921P 05.jpg

Die Clash

1897 Eagle Adams Apple Enlarged.jpg
Pssible VAM? Can anybody tell me about his Coin, its a 1897 P Morgan, as you can see the Eagle appears to have an adams apple, It does not appear to be a die chip or crack. I almost apears to look like a rogue feather. I haven't come across this kind before. Has anybody seen this type before? Thanks. I attempted to load in under the 1897 VAM listing so that is my pic there.
Yup, it's a clash mark on the eagle' s neck. The 1888-O Scar Face among others has it as well


This 1887 is double breasted. Don't know anything about Vam,etc. Tried my best to show it with the scans.
Thanks !
1924 Peace dollar has no C and filled E.
Reply- likely grease filled die. This is not assigned a VAM.
Several things:
1) All Morgan dollars are VAMs. The question is not whether it's a VAM, but whether it's a COLLECTIBLE and/or WANTED vam.
2) The collectible VAMs for 1896-P Are VAM-4, VAM-19, and VAM-20. They have modest premiums over a common 1896-P.
3) Not anything significant here from what I see - sorry.
4) Please post questions on either the Request Page or for the quickest response, go to the [Message Board].
5) Please do not create new pages for questions.
6) Please reduce your picture size to half, for the Request Page or Message Board, thank you.
Picture 008.JPG
Looking for help with this coin. Any takers on if a Vam and if so what number.Picture 009.JPG
Sorry pics are so big just want everyone to be able to see.. Here is what I believe is a 1886 Vam-1C? Hot 50
Reply-I see enough of the clash marks to believe you are correct
Vam-1C back.jpg
Hi there! I just found a 1885 - O with doubling on One Dollar - Reverse... Do not see a VAM designation for this one?
Possible machine doubling001.JPG
Hi, it's T.J. again. I found another coin I'm gonna need some help identifying. It's a 1921-P Morgan dollar. The coin has a really interesting die crack that runs from the denticles up through the chin, the cheek, and ends at the bridge of the nose. The first picture is the original of the coin. I traced over it in the second picture to help see it more clearly. Thanks, your help is much appreciated!
Reply - need more than this to have any chance at attribution. And remember, a die crack is only a marker...not a vam in itself. See the Attribution 101 page for more help->>Click Here Thanks Jack
1884cc gouge above I.jpg
2x bow and tail feathers
1884cc 2s tail. bow and leaves.jpg
cc 2x
1884cc cc 2x.jpg
2x heads
1884cc 2s arrow shaft.jpg
Most of the attributions for a 84-CC are with the date, and positioning of the CC m/m. The best way to start for help is to show aspect photos of the date and m/m, so we can look for date position, date doubling, and m/m position. The photos you posted do not help with starting an attribution in this regard. Also, it is best to post on the "Discussion" page off the "Home" page for help.
Keep trying. I am not trying to discourage you, just doing my best to help. Alan.
I have an 1881S with what appears to be a repunched 18 in the date. Does this ring any bells for anyone?
1881S Date.jpg
I'm new to Morgan collecting: my newest is this 1879P toned Morgan.. with OBVIOUS missing hair all along the bottom from under designer initials up to just under the back bottom of the bonnet.. this is my first posting and I hope this works.. is this a VAM of anykind? Does anyone know anything about this?Here's the best I can do for a pic: Thanks! kimbospacenut aka: Kim Smith
Reply -
Polished away by a mint worker. Polished areas occur in many years and all mints, for example see the 1882-O/S coins vams 3, 4, and 5 have different

areas of the obverse hair polished away. Initials are one of those areas where polishing is more frequently found. interesting, but not a significant enough
characteristic to make a new discovery, only use as a diagnostic to confirm a variety you have. The only exception I can think of 1879-S VAM-34B, where
the polished initial area (same as your coin) was different enough from 1879-S VAM-34A, that the later die state was given the 34B classification.

This 1934-D has some characteristics of other VAM coins.
DSC09958 edited.JPG DSC09959 edited.JPG
Is it considered to be in any VAM category recorded or is it a new variety? Sorry for pictures . . . Using digital camera with 30 power loop in front. .
DSC09992 edited.JPG
Die gouge below G like a VAM 2A

Die Gouge below G

Filled Mint mark Like a VAM 3, but D more sunken

Filled Mint Mark

Doubled Date, all numbers
DSC00007 edited.JPG
DSC00006 edited.JPG
DSC00003 edited.JPG
Thanks for your help . .Jack Y.
Below is one of the most bizarre coins I've ever seen. Obverse has what looks like a round, deep strike thru. The corresponding spot on the reverse shows raised features that appear to be the tops of rays. How in the world did this happen? Does this have a name?
VAMpicker: "(This) is a faked error. This is false counterbrockage. I've seen this done to Lincoln cents, but I don't ever recall seeing this on a Peace Dollar before."
1927-P striking error request page obverse.jpg
Ash Harrison: My opinion is this is from the blow of some sort of blunt and strong instrument. the coin shows evidence of a bend from the blow.
1927-P striking error request page reverse 1.jpg
Ash Harrison: This is the impression of whatever this coin was resting on when the blow occurred on the other side
1927-P striking error request page reverse 2.jpg
Ash: Had this coin been struck through something, it would not have this perfectly opposite, there would be a normal strike on this side. This is something that occurred post-striking and therefore is considered "damage".
Would like to see some pics and data on 1878-P VAM 166
Thanks, I have one and if it grades in a PCGS holder (around XF). But I have very little to go on and purchased it already attributed.
When I get it back, what area's you need to see? I don't have a good camera. Letters PLUR of PLURIBUS on Obverse and first star to the right of the date
So, share the coin as requested, thank you.
So would we all. The only material I have is copyright, and cannot be posted sorry. The VAM is ultra rare, and if a member here has one, please share it.

I'll add you can purchase the 7TF CD and get info if you wish. Do a search for it.

Anyone have picutues of 1926 VAM-1A? Rob
Looking for a photo for the 1879 S 78 Reverse VAM 56 obverse vertical bar below eyelid. -Andy
1897 Polish Lines in Wheat Stalks - from stmpcol. Anyone else seen this before?
1897 P polish lines in wheat.jpg
Closer view of polish lines:
1897 P polish lines.jpg
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1901-P VAM-13 Confirmed Discovery Coin, March 2008
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1921-P VAM-3BO (1921-P filled die) 2-1-08
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1921-D VAM-1W 1921-D VAM-1G 1921-P VAM-3 (Leroy confirmed VAM-3 with a planchet flaw)
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1921-D VAM-1CA (NEW VAM!) Scribbling Die Scratches on Tail Feathers #2, complete April 7, 2007
1878-P VAM-111 Dropped R, complete March 29, 2007
1921-S VAM-9A Weak mint mark, 9A complete March 6, 2007
1921-S VAM-6B, 9 Sep 2006
1878-P VAM-37, Request by Jgoldsmith, Complete July, 30 2006
1878-P VAM-36, Request by Jgoldsmith, Complete July, 29 2006
1923-P VAM-1H, Requested by DOB, Complete July 22, 2006