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Member Name: Mike/Remmy
What I like to collect: little round silver discs.
Favorite VAMs: 1925-S VAM-3A (My first discovery and a TOP-50 Variety [Click Here] and Here to see it), 1923-P VAM-1C, (I have TWO in LDS... They are wonderful. [Click Here] to see it) 1924-P VAM-5A, (I have one in LDS ... [Click Here] to see it) I also have an affinity for cool clashed Morgans like the E clashes of which I have the 1887-P VAM-1B, 1884-P VAM-2A, <-- was a gift, 1886-O VAM-1A, and an 1891-O VAM-1A3 <-- was also a gift. I also enjoy cool letter transfers in front of Ms. Liberty. My favorite I have is the 1889-P VAM-23A... Sometimes you get lucky and get to pick your dream coin/s... I have personally been able to pick the 2 coins at the top of my list. The 1887-P VAM-1B and the 1889-P VAM-23A. It is an amazing feeling picking your dream VAMs.