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Started collecting VAMs in 2006. Joined original VAMWorld same year. I collected primarily Morgan VAMs, but dabbled in Peace Dollars. With the birth of my youngest son in 2010 (and having 2 in diapers and daycare), I stopped hunting and buying altogether. In late 2018, when my youngest turned 8, I dug out my coins and started looking at them again. I decided to get back in the game, but flip it to where my focus now is on the Darkside. Peace Dollars are much more of a challenge for me, which makes it fun! I still wish I could grade them properly!


Discoveries: 20 Morgans (1 killed), 8 Peace (2 killed)

Revisions: Morgans 10 Peace 0

Kills: Morgans 3 Peace 0


2007 Discoveries (5 Morgan Varieties):

1889-P VAM-1D1 2007

1921-D VAM-28 September 2007

1921-P VAM-3CG September 2007

1921-P VAM-1AB November 8, 2007

1921-P VAM-1AC1 November 8, 2007

2008 Discoveries (9 Morgan Varieties):

1921-D VAM-1EH March 2008

1921-D VAM-1EI March 2008

1921-P VAM-3EI March 2008

1921-S VAM-1AA2 March 2008

1921-S VAM-26A (includes 1921-S VAM-26 which is presumed to exist) March 2008

1921-P VAM-85 May 2008

1921-P VAM-3EQ June 2008

1921-P VAM-1AT December 2008

1921-S VAM-1BR December 2008

2009 Discoveries (4 Morgan, 2 Peace Varieties):

1921-P VAM-3ES January 2009

1921-P VAM-87 February 2009

1922-D VAM-2AV February 2009; Eliminated 2017. Same as 1922-D VAM-2D

1889-S VAM-6A December 2009

1921-D VAM-1DF2 December 2009; Eliminated December 29, 2009 by Crae Morton in a discussion thread and PMs on VW1.0. Same as 1921-D VAM-5D

1923-D VAM-1BJ December 2009; Eliminated by the Crusher of Hopes and Dreams while at ANACs for slabbing January 2010 – "Chip/Gouge" is in hub

2010 Discoveries (3 Morgan, 3 Peace Varieties):

1901-S VAM-14 January 2010

1902-P VAM-22 January 2010

1885-P VAM-34 February 2010

1923-P VAM-1BP July 2010

1925-P VAM-4A July 2010

1934-D VAM-1B July 2010

2011-2017 Discoveries (Not Active):


2018 Discoveries (1 Peace Variety):

1923-S VAM 1FF November 2018

2019 Discoveries: (2 Peace Varieties)

1923-P VAM 11B January 2019

1926-S VAM 1AH January 2019

VAM Revisions:

1878-P 7TF VAM 195A February 2008

1884-CC VAM 6 December 2008

1897-S VAM 2 August 2009

1898-P VAM 1 Revision with the elimination of VAM 7 March 2009

1900-O VAM 50A February 2009

1921-P VAM 3CW June 2008

1921-P VAM 19A March 2012

1921-D VAM 9 June 2008

1921-D VAM 10A February 2008

1921-D VAM 18 Revision with the elimination of VAM 1CW March 2008


1898-P VAM 7 March 2009

1921-D VAM 1CW March 2008

1888-P VAM 1E (Same as VAM 16) January 2019