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Okay, you looked at this website, and it is the coolest thing you ever ran into. You are a Vammer, or a beginning Vammer, and you really want to participate. This page will show you how to post photos of your favorite VAMs, or post photos to ask for help.
FIRST, you must be a Member to do this. Go to the bottom of the HOME page to subscribe to this site!
Second, use your best set-up to take photos of your VAMs. It is best to save your photos as a JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file, as they tend to produce the smallest files. Other formats, including Bitmap (.bmp), TIF, or PNG produce larger files and are discouraged, and may be removed without notice if they are too big (over 2 MB). It is requested that you save your JPEG files at a resolution of no more than 1024x1024 pixels. This is done either with the actual photo taking equipment software or with software used for post-processing (such as Photoshop, PS Elements, or GIMP). See your equipment instructions, or try the "HELP" button for your software to figure out how to save the image, or photo file as a certain file size. This size seems to provide enough detail, and keeps the size of the photos down so most of us can see the whole photo full screen without having to scroll around, and also makes page loads quicker. You may get better answers if the folks trying to help do not have to fight the screen and scroll or wait too long to see a picture.
Regarding large files, the two main issues at hand are usability (download speed and ease of viewing) and storage space -- we don't pay for unlimited storage. If you are willing and able to host your own extremely large images (larger than 1600x1600) and upload smaller images for display here that will be used as links to the large file, go ahead. Chances are, however, this is more work that the typical user will want to undertake. If you want to upload a file that's larger than 1024x1024 but smaller than 1600x1600 to VAMWorld for use on one of the VAM pages, be sure to shrink it to fit the page and make a link to the large image so that it can be viewed in its original resolution. This keeps the VAM pages easy to read and use an all devices that may not have Quad-HD monitors attached. If you are uploading an image to a discussion thread, keep it to 1024x1024 or smaller, since it is too easy to screw up the shrinking and linking code, and it is not possible to edit posts made to the discussion boards.
It is also advised to save your photos as a unique file name. There is on-going discussion on the site as to what an appropriate file name is. However, generic file names such as 1880-P VAM2 can easily overwrite an existing photo file on VAMworld when you download it. While an appropriate file name convention has not been decided upon as of this date, a suggestion would be something like: ARS_1881_S_1.jpg. This starts with my initials, then the date, the m/m and a sequence number in this case. Due to the limited wiki search features, naming the files you upload starting with your initials will aid you in finding them later. You can see if a naming convention you want to use is currently in use by searching "Pages and Files" (on the left menu) for filenames starting with your initials, for example. Out of courtesy to other users, do not overlap their naming conventions and do not overwrite their files without their permission.
Continual disregard for these guidelines and rules of courtesy may result in your account being locked.
Okay, once you have taken the photos and saved them to your favorite place on your hard drive, you can follow the tutorial below.
It is best if you download the photos to this website, rather than link your photos to another distant website. If the link to this other website is ever broken, the photo will not continue to show here. There are other ways to upload photo files to this site, but this is the most direct method.
Resize Format
``1886-O RonH VAM-11 REV 02142017.jpg``
NOTE - WIKI altered the upload process:
Select "Pages and Files" from any page.
Click "Upload Files" -- (at top right of the page)
A page like the following should appear.
ARS Posting Pics Slide5.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide6.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide7.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide8.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide9.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide10.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide11.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide12.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide13.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide14.jpg
ARS Posting Pics Slide16.jpg