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Brought here on 3-2-2016
Nate and Rob this needs to be updated to include the past 3 months

#x--Previous VAMs:Previous VAMs:

1882-O VAM-42A
1879-S VAM-50
1878 3rd REV VAM 221B Die Stage 4
1880-CC VAM-3A
1881-O VAM 54
1891-O VAM-19
1880-P VAM-44
1887-O VAM-22B
1882-O VAM-38B
1922-P VAM-12A

#x--Mint Mark Short SetMint Mark Short Set

1924-P VAM-8A
1900 VAM 11 vs 24
1889-P VAM-22
1879-S VAM-66
1880 P,S,CC,O 8/7 and Checkmark Varieties
1889-O VAM-13A
1921-D VAM-1CP
1883-O VAM-1I
1878-P VAM-15
21 S Clashed Dies
1878-S VAM-114
1881-O VAM 12
1890-O VAM-1B
1882-P VAM-8
1878-S VAM-46 and 1878-S VAM-46A
1892-O VAM-10
1901-P VAM-3
1897-P VAM-3A
1921-P VAM-1B
1903-O VAM-4A
1921-P VAM-41B
1878-P VAM-2A
1878-CC VAM 2B
1888-P VAM 27
1878-S VAM-26
1881-O VAM-1J
1880-P VAM-45B
1889-P VAM-7A
1887-P VAM-14A
1878-S VAM-1 and 1878-S VAM-2
1902-O VAM-47
1886-O VAM-19A
1882-P VAM-10 or any proof Morgan
1882-O VAM-17B
1921-S VAM-15F
1902-O VAM-52
1883-O VAM-2
1901-P VAM-20
1884-O VAM-37A2
1897-O VAM-6A
1881-S VAM-1B (350th VAM of the Week)
1883-O VAM-58
1878-CC VAM-28
1882-O VAM-1A
1878-S VAM-74
1887-P VAM-1H
1921-D VAM-1BB
1892-CC VAM-6
1889-O VAM-23A
1900-O VAM-8 and 8A, 8B
1888-O VAM-4 Hot Lips
1883-O VAM-52
1884-S VAM-9
1882-S VAM-1B*
1904-P VAM-3
1880-P VAM-25B
1886-O VAM-5
1889-P VAM-52
1888-O VAM-31
1880-O VAM-49
1921-D VAM-1B2
1881-S VAM-54B
1878-P VAM-33
1898-O VAM-13A
1880-P VAM-16A
1891-O VAM-20
1889-CC VAM-5
1895-P Die #2
1878-S VAM-49
1878-P VAM-187
1902-O VAM-90A
Morgans on other money (1886 $5 Silver Cert., 2006 Old S.F. Mint dollar)
1898-P VAM-2B
Washed Out L's (1878-p VAM-84 1878-p VAM-188 1878-p VAM-223)
1921-S VAM-1i
1901-O VAM-34
1921-P VAM-1o
1878-S VAM-76
1883-O VAM-19
1878-P VAM-38
1922-P VAM-26A*
1900-P VAM-5C
1878-P VAM-4A
1922-D VAM-2A
1921-S VAM-1N
1878-S VAM-15
1882-P VAM-31A
1934-D VAM-3 and 1934-D VAM-4
1884-P VAM-3 and 1884-P VAM-4
1878-P VAM-38
1878-P VAM-14.11 (300th VAM of the Week
1921-D VAM-9A "In God we RUST"
1900-O VAM-5
1903-S VAM-2
1878-S VAM-46A
1878-CC VAM-19B
1902-O VAM-45
1890-P VAM-15A
1878-S VAM-103 .
1888-S VAM-3A
1878-P VAM-167
1890-O VAM-4A
1880-P VAM-62B
1923-P VAM-1Q
1879-CC VAM-2B
1922-D VAM-3A
1904-O VAM-24
1921-D VAM-1o
1890-P VAM-1i
1887-P VAM-15
1923-P VAM-1V*
1902-O VAM-45A
1879-CC V3A
VAM 1 (Normal Dies) R-1 I-1
1889-O VAM-1A2
1882-P VAM-29A
The quest for the last Morgan die pair used
1888-O VAM-5
1935-S VAM-6
1878-CC VAM-11
1921-S VAM-1F
1922-P VAM-22A
1887-O VAM-5B
1891-O VAM-1D
1878-P VAM-186A
1898-S VAM-17A
1902-O VAM-84
1878-S VAM-1D
1878-P VAM-14.16
1885-P VAM-9A
1898-O VAM-4A
1890-O VAM-4C
1889-P VAM-19B2
1902-O VAM-26A VAM of the Week 5-year anniversary
1902-O VAM-82
1921-P VAM-19A
1922-D VAM-2Z
"Gorgeous VAMs"
1887-P VAM-1K
1921-D VAM-1B2 250th VAM of the Week*
1878-S VAM-60
1921-P VAM-41A
1878-P VAM-188
1878-P VAM-229
1887-P VAM-21A
[1901-O VAM-36A]
1902-O VAM-12A
1880-P VAM-69
1921-P VAM-3AC "...walking the plank"
1921-D VAM-3A Streamer Wing
1887-P VAM-1H Die Break Wing Tip
1886-O VAM-11A
1882-O VAM-37A
1900-P VAM-15
1878-P VAM-86
1884-P VAM-2A
1888-P VAM-7D
1902-O VAM 43.1 (Double Ear)
1889-P VAM-5A
1901-P VAM-19
1923-D VAM-1Ai
1891-O VAM-9B
1902-O VAM-29A
1880-O VAM-45A
1923-P VAM-1AB2 (225th VAM of the Week)
Morgan 1878 Dollar Pattern
1878-P VAM-114-1
1890-O VAM-20
1880-P VAM-33A
1896-P VAM-3
1924-P VAM-1BB
1888-O VAM-20
1890-S VAM-26a
1878-P VAM-14.17
1895-O VAM-3A
1887-O VAM-5B
1890-CC VAM-5 LDS
1889-O VAM-13B
1883-P VAM-1C
1878-S VAM-111 (2011 VAM of the Year)
1903-O VAM-20 (does not exist)
1880-O VAM-48
1901-O VAM-42
1878-P VAM-203A
1886-O VAM-19 --Lateral Clash
1921-P VAM-1O2
1901-O VAM-25A
1927-S VAM-1A
1880-P VAM-48
1880-O VAM-11a (200th VOW)
1921-S VAM-6A
1887-P VAM-13 with clashed dies
1904-O VAM-43 (twohawks first discovery)
1879-S VAM-36
1889-CC VAM-1
1878-P VAM-85
1883-CC VAM-5A
1888-O VAM-20
1896-O VAM-12
1926-P VAM-1A
1889-O VAM-13H
1895-S VAM-1A
1901-O VAM-1A
1903-S VAM-2 LDS
1921-P VAM-3U2
1921-S VAM-6B
1878-S VAM-17C
1888-P VAM-32
1902-O VAM-63
1921-S VAM-15E
1904-O VAM-42/42A
1879 VAM 50-1
1886-P VAM-1C
1889-O VAM-1A
1900-O VAM-31C
1924-P VAM-11A
1901-P VAM-7
1881-S VAM-8A
1878-P VAM-39: (HL40, 7/8 TF Set)
1886-O VAM-7
1902-O VAM-8: (RPM)
1879-O VAM-44A
1922-P VAM-5B (Die Break on Wing, Tripled Olive Leaves) I-3 R-7
1882-P VAM-24 Doubled 882, Double 1 base above denticles MPD
1921-D VAM-1BY
1878-S VAM-36A
1921-P VAM-3B3
1925-S VAM-1A2
1904-O VAM-41
1878-P VAM-14.19
1878-P VAM-16 (common 8tf with great features)
1892-O VAM-7 Doubled Ear
1888-S VAM-13 Monster Gouged Eagle
1924-P VAM-1AR
1891-O VAM-14A Doubled Bow, High O, Clashed Obverse od We, Reverse M
1887-O VAM-5
1922-P VAM-2AV
1923-S VAM-1BB
1897-P VAM-6A
1878-P VAM-9 First Morgan die variety (150th VOW)
1880-P VAM-24A "Super CD"
1879-S VAM-77 "Reverse of 78"
1903-P VAM-6A "Date Gouges"
1896-P VAM-4 "Doubled Stars, 6, and Eye"
1888-O VAM-1G "Crumbled Reverse Letters"
1887-O VAM-30A Clashed "TY"
1896-O VAM-8 Oval O
1921-D VAM-14A Tripled Stars, Die Break First Left Star
1887-P VAM-17 Doubled 8-7 in Denticles
1883-O VAM-33A
1887-P VAM-1A
1902-O VAM-43 Die #2
1926-P VAM-1C1
1902-O VAM-13
1889-CC VAM-4A Clashed Reverse Partial E
1886-P The Ubiquitous VNA VAM-1 (a.k.a. "Rodney Dangerfield)
1921-P VAM-3i Meteor Shower
1884-CC VAM-4B
1878-P VAM-140A A New Philly
1881-O VAM-14 (Doubled First 8, Die Gouge DO)
1878-P VAM-1 and 1878-P VAM-2
1900-O VAM-21D
1886-O VAM-1A Clashed E
1889-O VAM-20A and 1889-O VAM-20B
1878-P VAM-166 "Spiked P"
1901-S VAM-10 "Doubled Eyelid & Ear"
1901-O VAM-39A "Fish Hook"
1902-O VAM-40C
1899-O VAM-31
1878-P VAM-33A
1904-O VAM-22A2 Doubled Profile. Denticle Impression, overlapped reeding
1883-O VAM-40 MPD
1921-D VAM-1AT "Jet O"
1902-O VAM-67 (privately made) newest member of the 'family'
1921-P VAM-3F4 Die Gouge Wing, Pitted Reverse, Die Break Above R
1880-P C3a Reverse - wreath gouge
1888-P VAM-12B "Disputed" Clashed E
1921-P VAM-3E Early and Late Die Pitting
1885-P VAM-4A Die Clash
1895-S VAM-4 S/S Horizontal
1885-P VAM-6 Doubled Date, 85 in Denticles
1922 VAM-5A3 Scar Cheek
1878-P VAM-41C Bearded Lady
1921-D VAM-1CL
1878-CC VAM-7A
1885-O VAM-9
1883-P VAM-4
1878-P VAM-14
1878-P VAM-117 Tripled Star
1900-O VAM-2A Lines in Wheat Stalks (the 100th VAM of the Week)
1882-P VAM-24 Misplaced Date Digits
1893-CC VAM-2 Late Die Stage
1925-P VAM-5 Missing Ray
1921-D VAM-8A Flagged R
1887-P VAM-1B Clashed Reverse Partial E
1888-O VAM-15 O/O, doubled reverse
1883-O VAM-1C Buffed Reverse
1922-S VAM-2O Die File Lines Reverse with Extra Ray
1892-O VAM-16A
1923-P VAM-1BC
1921-D VAM-1Q "Pompadour T"
1924-P VAM-5A Wing Break
1886-O Rotated Dies
1904-O VAM-28A "Trigger"
1921-P VAM-19B Monster Cud
1878-S VAM 72 Long Nock
1923-P VAM-1D "Whisker Cheek"
1921-P VAM-3C3
1902-O VAM-55 Near Date, 2 Olive, Gouge 9
1888-O VAM-1B EDS H1
1878-P 8tf VAM-14.21 (does not exist...yet)
1882-O VAM-38A Doubled 82, Clashed Obverse G, First t, t, D, Reverse M, Die Break N
1878-CC VAM-18 Doubled Leaves
1892-S VAM-2 Doubled Date
1885-O VAM-25A Shattered Obverse
1886-O VAM-11A 2+2 Die Clashes
1934-D VAM-3 and VAM-4
Scribbling Scratches Tailfeathers
1891-O VAM-14A
1878-CC VAM-13
1923-P VAM-1C
1898-O VAM-20
1893-O VAM-4A
1881-O VAM-1D Flaky Eye
1921-S VAM-29A 1921-S Mystery VAM
1883-CC VAM-5B Clashed Die Break
1893-S VAM-1
1886-P VNA Varieties ("Rodney Dangerfield" VAM-1G EDS variety)
1921-P VAM-5 Obverse Jaw Scribbles
1878-P VAM 228B Doubled Ear, Profile & Reverse Legend
1891-S VAM-8A "Gouged Eagle, Branch, and Wreath"
1878-S VAM-60 The First San Francisco Morgan
1901-O VAM-42 Micro O
1880-P VAM-29A, 8/7 Checkmark
1902-O VAM-54 Doubled Ear, Profile & Reverse Legend
1891-P VAM-2A Doubled Ear, Mustache, Clashed Obverse n
1904-O VAM-4B "Rusty Fishhook" Obverse Clash, Pitted Reverse, Doubled Date
1882-O VAM-29A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse G & First T
1878-P VAM-171 Tripled R
1892-O VAM-12 9 Below Hair, Overlapping Reeding
1902-O VAM-45A great clashing
1921-P VAM-1E Pitted Reverse
1880-P VAM-32A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse In, e, ust, Reverse M
1922-P VAM-5A "Scar Cheek"
1879-P VAM-41 "Wormeye"
1888-O VAM-7A O Set High, Die Gouge
1878-P VAM-123 Doubled R and UM
1923-P VAM-1B Extra hair die break.
1880-P VAM-32A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse In, e, ust, Reverse M
1878-S VAM-35 Sextupled Left Stars, Doubled Profile, Engraved Wing Feather
1921-D VAM-8A Flagged R
1887-P VAM-3A "Misty"
1921-S VAM-26A Tripled Left Stars, Doubled Right Reverse, Die Crack Through C in AMERCIA
1923-D VAM-1M "Broken Peace"
1891-O VAM-1A BERT
1878-S VAM-18 Spaghetti Wings
1878-S VAM-58 Long Nock
1922-P VAM-2A Ear Ringed
1880-O VAM-2A Impaled Eagle (eliminated)
1903-O VAM-4A Ovaloid Clash
1882-CC VAM-2 Misplaced Digit
1880-P VAM-33A "Clashed E Reverse"
1921-S VAM-1B "An Amazing Dollar Die"
1900-O VAM-7 rare o/cc
1879-S VAM-67 New Top-100 1879-S reverse of 1878 discovery
1884-O VAM-32A
1921-D VAM-1X Super cud
1884-O VAM-4
1878-P VAM-117 Tripled Star, Top 100
1901-P VAM-19
1889-P VAM-23A Mega clash
1878-P Vam-14.15
1879-O VAM-4 and 1879-O VAM-28 O over O
1922-P VAM-12A "Moustache".
1900-S VAM-20A Die Break Left Wreath
1880-CC VAM-4 80/79, Reverse of 78 Overdate, Top 100
1921-D VAM-1J Die Break A, Cud at UNITED
1887-P VAM-13 Doubled Stars, MPD, Clashing
1921-P VAM-41 Pitted Reverse with Die Polishing, Top 100
1900-P VAM-11 Doubled Eagle, 2 Olive Reverse, Top 100
1878-P VAM-200 Broken N and M, Reverse of 1879
1888-O VAM-4 Hotlips. Tremendously doubled obverse, Top 100
1885-S VAM-9 S over S, Date in the Denticles. Ultra rare version of the Top 100 Coin
1900-O VAM-8B O/O/CC Centered, Shifted Left Rust Spots, Near Date, Clashed Obv n, st
1878-S VAM-50 Tripled Eyelid, "Lava Wing" 1 of 4 "Funky Feather" Reverses
1889-P VAM-28A Doubled Ear, Pitted Reverse
1921-P VAM-40A Denticle Clashes
1878-S VAM-36 "Dragon Scales" Reworked Wing (First VAM of the Week, Sunday 8-12-07)
1887-P VAM-14A multi clashed
1900-P VAM-5C Near Date, Clashed Obverse In & st, Clashed Reverse M