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Who am I:
I was born in 1970 and have been collecting coins since I was 10 when I received an XF 1907 Indian Cent in change (Still have it). I have been collecting Morgans for about 20 years and been vamming for a few. I've gotten really lucky cherry picking some monster VAMs.
What I collect:
I love die breaks and clashed "e" - I have spent a ton of time on insignificant breaks - just because they are cool.
Best Finds:
1878 VAM 14.14 - Raw VF, Graded at PCGS as VF35
1886-O 1A Unattributed PCGS MS61 - I love the E's
1888-O H7/8 scarface in unattributed NGC 61 holder - it crossed to PCGS as 61, I sold it and has since upgraded to MS62, DUH
1888-O Vam 7A in a third world holder - graded AU55 at PCGS - Finest that I am aware of........
1891 2A - Cherried raw and came back PCGS AU55, TOP POP
1887 Donkey Tail picked raw and came back PCGS MS62, has since upgraded to the TOP POP and ALONE 62+.
Just completed the 1888-O Oval O subset, my first accomplishment. It was tough, I finally found a Vam 5 to finish it off. I don't know how you guys do the big sets.
Successful Trades / Purchases: Mark Kimpton, Rob Joyce, Mark Benton, John Coxe, Ash Harrison,
Brian Raines, Jack Lee, Robert Abbey, Larry Eakins, Etc
SSDC - Life Member