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Member Name: npcrolls - Tom Farin
What I like to collect: I collected when I was a child, selling keys and setting the hobby aside when I went to college. Since then, I stayed inactive while I was married and until my kids grew up. As an empty nester, I find myself with more time on my hands. I got back into collecting in December 2009, focusing exclusively on Morgans. My interst in Morgans focused first on building a registry set. But I stumbled across VAMs recalling that I had this neat coin in my old collection. It turns out it is an 1886 VAM 1 VNA. Since that discovery, I have focused on VAMS. I then further narrowed my focus to 1878-P 7/8 TF.
I am also a model railroader. I focus on prototype research then building engines, rolling stock and railroads that model the original. Many of the skills required to be an effective 'prototype nut' cross over into VAM and die progression research.
Recently, as a result of a post, my focus has shifted to the 1886-P. I plan to build a complete 1886-P VAM set and do a series of die progression studies on the coins making up that set.
Favorite VAMs: 1886-P's, 1878-Ps, 1880/79 Overdates, 1882-S VAM 30 (my Discovery coin)