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Normal Date Clashed Die w/Letter Transfer Guide


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Normal Dates Clashed N's
1st: VAM-1A2, VAM-1F
1885P VAM 1A2 and 1F Clnc2-horz-vert.jpg
Note: I would like to replace these 2 reverse shots... but its the best I got.....if you can snap em I can post em ... Mhomei
2nd: VAM-1G, VAM-1K, VAM-1M
Normal Dates Clashed N Line
3rd VAM-4A, VAM-14A , VAM-24A
1885P 4A 14A 24ATWINS.jpg

Additional Photos

1885-P VAM-1A2 Pitted and Clashed
1885-P VAM-1F Clashed M
1885-P VAM-1F Clashed M.jpg
1885-P VAM-1K Weak Clashed n
Jb 85v1k-2.jpg
1885-P VAM-4A Dashed,star gouge,clashed
NESVT20090410 1885P 4A 3.JPG
1885-P VAM-14A Threadlike Impression
1885-P VAM-14A threadlike impression.jpg
1885-P VAM-24A Alligator Eye
1885-P VAM-24 Alligator Eye.jpg
1885-P VAM-25A Weak Clashed N and Line on Neck
1885-P VAM-25A Without Gouge under review
CFE 06-12-2010 1885-P DATE1.jpg
1885-P VAM-25B With Gouge
Sentry02 1885P-Clash2.jpg
1885-P VAM-26A Clashed Obverse T

1885_p_26a_1n_comp _M.jpg