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The Morgan dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904 at 4 different Mints. The Mints were: 1. Philadelphia. 2. San Francisco. 3. New Orleans. 4. Carson City. In 1921 mintage was resumed for one year only, with 1921 being the only year where the Denver Mint was used. Shown below is the mint and the year they produced Morgan Dollars. In addition, the 5 photos shown below represent 5 major different kind of die varieties. 1. Clashed Die 2. Acid Treated Die. 3. Die Break. 4. Die Gouge 5. Cud

Morgan VAMs by Date and Mint
1889-P VAM-23A 1878-S VAM-50 1888-O VAM-1B4 1890-CC VAM-4 1921-D VAM-1H4
(Deepest clashed "IN" known) ( Acid Treated Reverse Die) ( Scar Face - Die Break) (Tailbar - Die gouge) (The King of Cud)
89v23a-obv.jpg 1878-S VAM-50 Acid Treated Reverse.jpg 1888-O VAM-1B4 Scar Face.jpg 1890-CC RonH VAM-4 REV 05192017.jpg 1921-D-V1H3-OBV-MHI-HER-crop.jpg
Date & Mint Date & Mint Date & Mint Date & Mint Date & Mint
1878-P 1878-S 1878-CC
1879-P 1879-S 1879-O 1879-CC
1880-P 1880-S 1880-O 1880-CC
1881-P 1881-S 1881-O 1881-CC
1882-P 1882-S 1882-O 1882-CC
1883-P 1883-S 1883-O 1883-CC
1884-P 1884-S 1884-O 1884-CC
1885-P 1885-S 1885-O 1885-CC
1886-P 1886-S 1886-O
1887-P 1887-S 1887-O
1888-P 1888-S 1888-O
1889-P 1889-S 1889-O 1889-CC
1890-P 1890-S 1890-O 1890-CC
1891-P 1891-S 1891-O 1891-CC
1892-P 1892-S 1892-O 1892-CC
1893-P 1893-S 1893-O 1893-CC
1894-P 1894-S 1894-O
1895-P 1895-S 1895-O
1896-P 1896-S 1896-O
1897-P 1897-S 1897-O
1898-P 1898-S 1898-O
1899-P 1899-S 1899-O
1900-P 1900-S 1900-O
1901-P 1901-S 1901-O
1902-P 1902-S 1902-O
1903-P 1903-S 1903-O
1904-P 1904-S 1904-O
1921-P 1921-S 1921-D

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