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Hello all. Don't know why it took me so long to do this. Anyway...... I'm a retired Marine of 24 years and have been living in central Virginia since 1999. Currently employed by DoD at the Marine Base in Quantico.
I started collecting coins as a kid. Never pursued any particular series or type, just always eyed my pocket change. Being military and trying to raise a family, never could afford anything. That is until the last few years. Our two kids have grown and moved on, and the wife and I are still employed full time. So things are looking up. What really go me started on Morgans was when I inherited my late brother-in-law's coins. He had a few Danscos, pennies, Ikes, Kennedys.... AND two Morgan folders. Although sparsely filled, I started looking them over. Then I found Vamworld and the world of VAMs. So now the search is on.
I also collect moderns. Mostly ASE, and recently the gold Liberty spouses.
Married 25 years, two kids. A son who is in the Marines (since 2003) and a daughter who lives near by. My wife works for the state as a lead deputy clerk at the courthouse. I am a project officer for long range radars and air defense systems.
Semper Fi,