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updated 6/27/08
Member Name: Mike Johnson / C12
When I am not doing Respiratory Therapy recovering Cardiac Post-Op patients I am "intensely obsessed" (says my wife) with my coins.
Members (before me) have seen and heard me struggle thru my Wikispace computer illiteracy. I have Wiki whipped and I 'm in the pilot seat with the plane flying level. Since that achievement I have been able to start asking the really stupid VAM questions and be coached to" READ ATT. 101 ! " Splendidly novel idea which helped. Lo and behold !!!! Proof that I am studying under the Kings to consume and absorb the knowledge of VAMology. Here is a recent photo in class at East Central Florida VAMiversity, the language is very difficult to read but the pictures are cool !!!
What I like to collect: Like many I started long ago with the simple stuff and once my collections were complete and I sold them for bubble gum and candy I was off to new adventures growing up. Once the new Millenia arrived so did a desire to collect Mercury dimes and I began slowly. Ebay got me more and more aware of numismatics and the Morgans and Peace dollars quickly became a big part of my collecting. VAMin' has brought it to an up front new level of collecting for me, what was I thinking so long ago, if I only.... well later is better than not at all. I am using a Dino-lite AM211 scope for inspection and it has turned out to be fairly nice once the features revealed themselves to me.
My Favorite VAM; Since I am Platonian " I know I know nothing", (but watch out, Knowledge is comeing) and being so new at this, I haven't established a favorite one yet. But, I think perhaps it will find me! Best to all !!! Hunt happily $ wisely.......
My Avatar: I should say the reason I have A.B. Wyon as my Avatar (One of George T Morgans German sculptor teachers) is because the image is a fantastic double image for a Kiwi (Kevin St.John) I had met in Katmandu circa 82-83. It reminds me of a fantastic time in a place far away, I'll change it when I find my first really spectacular VAM.
I envy all you guys who started VAMin' awhile back, it is a work of patience and perserverance to absorb the "knowledge".