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1885-P-Die Breaks

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As of 3/13 there are 6 known listable Die Breaks for the 1885 Series

5 Normal Dates Varieties

Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1E Die Chip ERFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1885-P VAM-1E Die Chip ER.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1J Die Break U
1885 p vam 1j break u.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1L Die Break E Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg New! 2013
1885 P VAM1LPLATEDiebreakmhi63721.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1O Die Break S-U *NEW 2014*
1885 New VAM 1O.jpg
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-27A Tripled Ear Bottom, Extra Star PointFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1885-P VAM-27A Extra Star Pt Break.jpg

2 Far Date Variety

Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9E
V9E-DSC 0091-1000.jpg

Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-23B Doubled 5 Lower Inside, Far Date, Clashed Obverse n, ust & e, Die Break 6-7 Left Stars Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1885 P V23B LVA Photo1.jpeg