List of Past VAM Assignments for The 1888-O Round O

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List of Past VAM Assignments

VAM-Delisted.jpg1888-O VAM-1A Clashed E Reverse (Top 100 Morgan VAM) Lfcp-icon.jpg
VAM-Delisted.jpg1888-O VAM-1B Scarface Obverse Die Break (Top 100 Morgan VAM)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1888-O VAM-1G Crumbled Reverse Letters (WOW! Morgan VAM) Lfcp-icon.jpgDelisted 8/22/2017(same as VAM-31)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1888-O VAM-1I Bulge Below Tail Feathers (Same as VAM-7B)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1888-O VAM-23 Doubled Reverse, O/O Right (Obverse Rim Cud, Reverse breaks O DOLLAR & Left Wing)(Eliminated, became VAM-12A)