List of Past VAM Assignments for The 1883-P Morgan Dollar - WR

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List of Past VAM Assignments

VAM-Delisted.jpg1883-P VAM-1A Clashed Obverse n 1893-P Morgan Dollar.jpg (Eliminated 2018, Became VAM-39 and/or VAM-49)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1883-P VAM-1D Clashed Obverse n & st 1893-P Morgan Dollar.jpg(Eliminated, Became VAM-24B)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1883-P VAM-17A Doubled 8-3, Clashed Obverse n (Eliminated 2014)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1883-P VAM-18 Quadrupled Right Stars (Eliminated. Became VAM-7)
VAM-Delisted.jpg1883-P VAM-18A Quadrupled Right Stars, Clashed Obverse n & st (Eliminated. Became VAM-7A)

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