Large Full Coin Photo's unattributed

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If you can confirm any of these photo's with in hand specimens, feel free to PM me
and I will make the note and get confirmation
Coin #1 -
Coin # 2 - possible
Obverse: to me it appears to have a doubled 1_80 possibly tripled O with lines in E of liberty
Reverse: small O centered Disconnected Wreath leaf lines on wreath left of the bow
1880 O VAMQ2crop.jpg
1880 O VAMQ2Rcrop.jpg
Coin # 3 -possible 67 maybe
1880-O RonH VAM-67 DMPL OBV 04282012a.jpg
1880-O RonH VAM-67 DMPL REV 04282012a.jpg
Coin # 4 - Possible
Obverse: Phrygian Cap crack starting, line in D shaped Void
Reverse: small o centered spike on right of MM
1880 O VAMQ4crop.jpg
1880 O VAMQ4Rcrop.jpg
Coin # 5 - possible v29
Reverse: excellent different crackage on the reverse
1880 O VAMQ5crop.jpg
1880 O VAMQ5Rcrop.jpg
1880-O RonH VAM-3 OBV 04282012a.jpg
1880-O RonH VAM-3 REV 04282012a.jpg
1880-O RonH VAM-3 OBV.jpg
1880-O RonH VAM-3 REV.jpg