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Just another vam guy I guess. Have collected coins since 12 years old. Just what ever I could find and fill holes in holders. Did manage to fill wheat cent, buffalo nickel, mercury dimes, washington quarters and walking liberty halfs in just 4 to 5 years. At that time, I was proud of doing that. By the time I got married and started a family, the coins were just forgotten. I worked 30 years for John Deere and retired in 1996 at the age of 53. Have operated an auto repair shop for 45 years. Still work about 40 hours a week in shop. If a coin show is in my plans, I just shut the shop and go. After we got the kids through collage I got interested in collecting again. Went to an auction and bought some Morgan dollars. That led to more types of coins as I got going. After getting what I thought was too many coins, I started selling off most everything but my Morgan dollars and the nice PCGS MS 66 proof sets 1936 through 1942. I had about all the better keydate coins. Everything including, 1856 flying eagles, all 5 keydate wheat cents,1955 double dies cents, 3 legged buffalo, 1916-d dimes, 1916 standing liberty quarters, 1917/8 standing liberty quarters, and have had the priviledge of having 2 1895 PCGS proof dollars. The last one was a PCGS pr 64 cam. I moved to PCGS Morgan set and just finished the basic set, with all MS coins except the 1893-s, which is an au 53. My best basic coin has to be the 1892-s MS 62 PCGS --CAJIN-- dollar that David Lawrence sold a few years ago. Then PCGS came out with the 304 super set. I guess I needed something to do at that time, so again I got hooked. Just wanted to see how many I could get. I was not interested in having the best set. As you can see from my PCGS super set, I need 8 coins to fill set. The task to fill it is great and I know it will never happen. But I will keep on looking for them till I die or sell it. Have filled the top PCGS 100 set and working on the top 100 NGC set. I have got to know a lot of vam people all over the US. Must say all are nice people to buy, trade and sell with. We seem to know and trust each other. A deal is a deal. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Larry Eakins