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Member Name:Impairedsquirrel
What I like to collect: Any Morgan that is too cool to let sit! Mostly The WOW! VAMs and the Super Clashed Dies.
Favorite VAMs:
Favorite Cherrypicks: 1887/6-P v2 raw (now ANACS55 $45), 1901-O v25A (PCGS64 $100), 1882-O/S v4 (now ANACS61 $110), 1898-O v4A (PCGS64 $68), 1883-O v22A (now ANACS62 $50), 1883-O v22A (now ANACS61 $25), 1887 v3A EDS (now ANACS62), 1889-O v13B (now ANACS63 $50), 1921-S v1B6 (PCGS63 $80), 1924-P v8A (NGC64 $60), 1900-O/CC v11 (Raw unc. $75), 1878-P v44 (now ANACS50 cleaned $50), 1881-S v1B (ANACS64, (2)NGC66, NGC67), 1882-CC v2E (Now ANACS62 $250), 1887-O v30A (PCGS63), 1921-P v4 (Now ANACS63PL! Traded a dealer for 2 melt dollars.), 1921-S v1B5 (Now ANACS62), 2 1881-S v54B (now BOTH are ANACS63's!) and a PCGS unattributed MS65, 1880-P v1a2 (now ANACS53 $59), 2 1887-O v5B (now NGC MS61 and ANACS58), 1888-O v1a2 E rev. (now ANACS63 $36), 1921-P v3f2 (now ANACS63), 1888-O oval O v6 (now ANACS58), 1883-O v1c1 (PCGS63), 1883-O v1c1 (Now ANACS63), 1883-O v1c1 (PCGS63PL), 1878P v14.4a (now ANACS62), 1900O/CC v10a (now ANACS64! $147), 1900 O/CC v11 (now ANACS58 $36), 1881-O v1D (PCGS63PL, PCGS MS64 and ANACS63), (2) 1921-S v15e EDS (1 now ANACS AU58), 1901-P v7 Smiling Goose(ANACS AU53), 1891-O v19 (ANACS AU58), a Tailbar in an UNATTRIBUTED NGC62 holder...
OH YEAH, AND AN 1898-O VAM-20 (now ANACS53cleaned)!!!!
Also picked THREE raw MS 1928-P's for $24 ea. (now NGC63 and ANACS62 and sold one off for $400), a raw 1890-CC for $130 (now ANACS62), an 1885-s NGC62 for $49 and an 1898-S ANACS62 for $110!:-)
Discoveries: Clashed IN Big gouge in wing Die break right wing tip Clashed N & T Clashed N & ST (originally listed as the VAM-33A) Clashed N, counterclashing... FUN coin!