Fun with 21 Varieties

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Varities mentioned in "Fun With 21" which have had VAM assignments.
1921-D JOH-1 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1AD
1921-D JOH-2 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-6A
1921-D JOH-3Camera.jpgDie Break O of One
1921-D JOH-4 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1AE1
1921-D JOH-5 Die cracks top left of M extending left, assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1AR
1921-D JOH-6 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1AH
1921-D JOH-7 Die break 3rd left star, bottom point
1921-D JOH-8 Small die break top of D in UNITED extending up and right and 2 of 1921 (AssignedCamera.jpgVAM-1CX for scribbles)
1921-D JOH-9 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1BQ
1921-D JOH-10 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1AM
1921-D JOH-11 Die cracks ED of UNITED assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1EO
1921-D JOH-12 "In God We _ _ ust"
1921-D JOH-13 Die cracks above A in STATES, Liberty’s cap (now listed asCamera.jpgVAM-1BU)
1921-D JOH-14 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1BG
1921-D JOH-15 Small die break top of D in UNITED extending up and right and 6th right obverse star (NowCamera.jpgVAM-1CP for scribbling scratches)
1921-D JOH-16 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-5A
1921-D JOH-17 Weak God. Filled die in motto
1921-D JOH-18 Die Break lower left side of 1 in 1921 (NowCamera.jpgVAM-1CQ for scribbling scratches)
1921-D JOH-19 Die Break 3rd Left Star
1921-D JOH-20 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1BD
1921-D JOH-21 Weak n of In
1921-D JOH-22 Small break above M
1921-D JOH-23 Extensive cracking
1921-D JOH-24 assignedCamera.jpgVAM-1CL
1921-D JOH-25 Small Breaks D, S and S
1921-D JOH-26 Soft D in Dollar
1921-D JOH-27 Dot 6th Right Star
1921-D JOH-28 Break in Denticles above D UNITED VAM-1DG