Copy of VOTW written by Ash Harrison in 2015

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VAM of the Week: Presented by Ash Harrison

This week's VAM of the Week is the 1890-O VAM 1B. PARTICULARLY, it is important that it is pointed out that there are 2 VERY distinct die stages for this coin. The Early Die Stage of this coin is quite dramatic and RARE. The Late Die Stage of the coin, while still a nice IN,ST clash is far less dramatic and significantly more available. If you see the EDS coin in this VAM, you will likely know it right off and you will be quite excited. The LDS is a nice coin to fill the hole in the set until you can find an EDS of your own--you will want one.
I am going to show 3 pictures of the obverse of each coin. Each will be the most dramatic I can picture the clashing on each coin. One shot is the IN, the second is the ST, and the third is the Leaf Cluster behind the head. -- Ash Harrison
Here are the pics for the EDS 1890-O VAM 1B:
Below is the IN clash:
Now, for the ST below:
Now the leaf below:
NOW for the Late Die Stage (remember, this is the LESS desirable coin below):
Now, the ST clash of the LDS below:
Finally, the leaf clash below:

Hopefully, this will help explain the relatively high numbers in the SSDC Registry, yet the discussion of how rare the coin is and how much it might cost. The discussion will normally be regarding an EDS version of the coin if you are hearing excited, and high-dollar talk