Comments about the 1889-CC Morgan Dollar Series

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1. The 1889-CC is the rarest of the Carson City dollars and frequently counterfeited. Only a few varieties are known and can be distinguished by date placement (in the normal, further right than normal, and date with the 9 set higher than the rest of the numerals) coupled with the placement of the mint marks. The reverse mint marks are the larger more elliptical ‘CC’ used 1879-1893.
2. In addition to the varities assigned VAMs, John Roberts of ANACS reports in VAMview September 2007 two unassiged far date varieties. Note: VAM-1 was not included among the six die pairs reported and is not believed to exist. A great article written by John Roberts showing all the coins in the 1889-CC series can be found[here].
3. Below is the fake 89-CC known as "Spitting Liberty", because of the dit pit in the field near Liberty's mouth. It is one of a whole series of fake date/mint mark combinations that are all linked by the round "China 9" or 6 in the date. That sloppy font was never used by the US mint.

2. Counterfeit 1889-CC Data

1. Listed Privately Made Varieties