Collar Clash

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Collar Clash

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A collar clash represents damage to the rim gutter of the die from contact with the collar. It shows up most clearly in reeded issues, where it takes the form of serrations along the top or the edge of the design rim. in an off center strike, a collar clash will appear in the form of parallel grooves in the "slide zone".
Collar clashing is far more common on the hammer die, it occurs when a temporarily misaligned hammer die collides with the top of the collar and/or scrapes along its working face.
When a collar clash occurs on the anvil die, it is probably from a repeated up and down scraping action of the die neck against the working face of the collar. However, a sharp sideways impact that drives the die neck into the collar's working face could also produce this pattern of serrations.

Morgan Dollar Collar Clashed Varieties

19 Obverse Collar Clashes
1880 P
1G (k-12)
1882 P
1E1 (k12)
1892 O
2A (k12)
1896 P
1F (k6)
1900 P
38 (k12)
1901 O
30A (k9-10)
70 (k7-8)
1901 S
15A (k1)
1902 P
29A (k12-k2)
1903 P
1C (k2)
1D (k9)
11 (k11-k12)
17 (k12-k1)
17A (k12-k1)
1921 P
3EF (k4-5)
3GV1 (k11-1)
3GV2 (k11-1)
1921 D
1J (k12)
1EG (k12)

Peace Dollar Collar Clashed Varieties

3 Obverse Collar Clashes
DKC1921 VAM 1AA.jpg
1921 P -
1K2(k2) - 1AA(k2) - 1AC(k11) -
35 Reverse Collar Clashes
Occ-1923-p-v1bu-9-6-13a (1).jpg
Quantity Year MM
1 1921 P
12 1922 P
1W(k6-7) - 2AU2(k5) - 2BX(k6) - 2DA(k6) - 2DB(k5-6) - 2DC(k5-6) - 2DD(k4-5) - 2DV(k6) - 2DY(k6-8) - 2DZ(k6) - 19 (k8) - 27A
5 1922 D
2BG(k5-6) - 2BK(K6-7) - 2BP(k4-5) - 2BQ(k8) - 16A(k3-4) -
2 1922 S
2AC(k11) - 2AK(k8-9) -
7 1923 P
1AK2(K10) - 1C(k?) - 1BU(k5-6) - 1BX(k4-5) - 1CL (Reverse K6) - 1CJ(k3-4) - 1CT (k8-9 Reverse) - 1F2(k5-6) -
1 1923 D
2A 4-5K
2 1923 S
VAM-1CQ Pending LVA submittal-
3 1924 P
1BR(k6) - 1BS(k3?) 1CC (k6)
2 1924-S
1C2(k12) - 1K(k12?) -
1 1925-P
1AO(k4-5) -
1 1927-P
2A(k6) -