C. Logan McKechnie

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Member Name: C. Logan McKechnie
What I like to collect: All Morgan and Peace Dollars
Favorite VAMs: 1889 Double Ears and VAM 23A.
C. Logan McKechnie is a lawyer. He is an ad junct professor of law at Merced College. He is a member of the California Commission on Athletics. He has collected coins since 1954 and owned a coin store since 1984. His VAMs and More company is on the internet at [www.vamsandmore.com]. He can be reached at [[1]], His involvment with VAMs began in 1977 with the pubication of the Big Vam Book. He is a member of the ANA, and a life member of SSDC and Silver Dollar Roundtable. He has had the honor of acting as Leroy Van Allen's lawyer and has, during the past five years, added 200 plus new varieties and revisions to Mr. Van Allen's list. His personal collection as of September 1, 2008 contains 2,184 different varieties and, hopefully, is still growing.