Buffed Reverses

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Current SSDC List as of 2016 Registry updated

  1. Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-1G Worn Obverse Die Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg SEE VAM-31
  2. Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-35A Doubled 1-80, Die Chips in lower loop of first 8 and at StarsFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  3. Camera.jpg1880-O VAM-78 O/O High, Die Gouge Hair, Over Buffed Reverse
  4. Camera.jpg1880-O VAM-45A Doubled 80, O/O Left, Over Polished Reverse Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  5. Camera.jpg1881-O VAM-1J C3A Over-Polished Reverse Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  6. Camera.jpg1881-O VAM-16 C3A Doubled 1, Over Polished Reverse Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  7. Camera.jpg1883-O VAM-1C1 Buffed ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  8. Camera.jpg1883-O VAM-1C2 Buffed Reverse, Clashed Die Reverse MFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  9. Camera.jpg1883-O VAM-49A Tripled O Left Inside, Clashed Reverse M
  10. Camera.jpg1888-P VAM-7D Near Slanted Date, Doubled Wreath, Die Gouge State 5 (Hot 50) Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  11. Camera.jpg1888-P VAM-15A Doubled Last 8, Worn Reverse DieFull-Coin CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
  12. Camera.jpg1888-P VAM-39A Doubled Ear, Slanted Date, Worn Reverse DieFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  13. Camera.jpg1888-O VAM-1J Buffed ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  14. Camera.jpg1888-O VAM-31 Doubled 188, Crumbled Reverse (WOW! Morgan VAM)
  15. Camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1E Over Polished Reverse Field Edge
  16. Camera.jpg1890-O VAM-13A Near Date, High O, Extreme Die Wear ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  17. Camera.jpg1890-O VAM-14A Far Date, High O, Many Die Chips Reverse Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  18. Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1D Over Buffed ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  19. Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-19 Doubled Ear, Far Date, Very High O/O Left, Extreme Buffed ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
  20. Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-17 Doubled Ear, Slanted Date, 2 Olive Reverse
  21. Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-20 2 Olive Reverse, Buffed ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg

Must add to the registry
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-1G Worn Obverse Die Full-Coin CAMERA.jpgSEE VAM-31
Obverse Varieties
Camera.jpg1888-P VAM-30A Doubled Inside of Ear, Near Slanted Date, Inverted 8, Crumbled Obv. Periphery *New 2016*
Camera.jpg1889-P VAM-7A High 9, Die Chips Stars & Neck
Camera.jpg1889-O VAM-13B Far Date, Crumbled Star
Camera.jpg1889-O VAM-16B Far date, High O, Over Polished Obverse (Doubled ear)
Camera.jpg1891-P VAM-15 Doubled EarFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1902-O VAM-4B Near Date, Die Chips Stars
Camera.jpg1902-O VAM-28A Near Date, Doubled Profile, 2 Olive Reverse, Crumbled Obverse Stars
Camera.jpg1921-S VAM-1Q2 Scribbling Die Scratches #16, Die File Lines Obverse Periphery
Camera.jpg1921-S VAM-1CN Over Polished and Sunken Die PeripheryFull-Coin CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
Camera.jpg1921-S VAM-1CQ Sunken Obverse Die Periphery With Die File Lines
Still on the fence Fatigue vs Buffing
Camera.jpg1889-P VAM-30 Doubled EarFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1890-O VAM-11 Near Date, Doubled Ear & Cap Top, O Set High and Left *Revised 2015*
Camera.jpg1921-S VAM-1BY Die File Lines Obverse & ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg