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Member Name: Ash Harrison , Birthdate 11/19/61, Collector since age 6, Ashmore, Inc. owned since 1987. VAM collector since 1998.
SSDC President 2017-
What I like to collect: VAMs of any kind, but primarily the ones that have significant value or "Wow Appeal." I have completed the Top 100, as well as the Hot 50 set of Morgans in PCGS holders. I sold the 1889 VAM23A to open a coin shop, so I need a new one to complete basically all the VAMs that PCGS will grade. I don't have the finest set by any means, but I have a significant number of the hardest coins in the series.
Favorite VAMs: Certainly the 1888-O VAMs. I am deeply committed to this date. I have the only complete grading set of PCGS encapsulated Hot Lips VAM 4 coins. I put together the complete VAM 1B series of "Scarface" coins and defined the 10 die stages for the coins. I have written a book on the Oval O coins of 1888 and 1889.
I am committed to spreading the word on the VAMs. I teach classes and seminars on them all the time and I feel that they are about to have a major spike in value over the next 3 years. I believe we will see a few 6 figure VAMs by the year 2012, as well as dozens of 5 figure VAMs.
Other: If for some reason you would like more information, you may visit my web site at [] and for a "bio" of sorts, you can find it there as well.