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1884-P VAM-20 - May, 2009
1922-S VAM-1N - July, 2009 - Eliminated in 2010, and incorporated into VAM-11
1926-P VAM-2 Die 2 - July, 2009 Top 50
1902-P VAM-5A - November, 2009
1922-D VAM-7B - January, 2010 Top 50
1887-O VAM-38 - February, 2010
1887-O VAM-38A - February, 2010
1897-S VAM-1B - January, 2011
1890-O VAM-2C - June, 2011 - Eliminated in Feb 2013, and incorporated into VAM-2C2
1924-P VAM-1BD - June, 2011
1923-S VAM-1CA - August, 2011
1879-S VAM-82 - May, 2012
1890-O VAM-2C1 - February, 2013
1890-O VAM-2C2 - February, 2013
1880-S VAM-55A - May, 2014
1879-S VAM-33A - July, 2016
1879-S VAM-95 - July, 2016
1879-S VAM-1I - June, 2017
1879-S VAM-102 - June, 2017
1887-S VAM-12 - April, 2009
1900-O VAM-14 - April, 2009
1921-P VAM-3AD1 - July, 2009
1921-P VAM-3AD2 - July, 2009
1880-S VAM-45 - August, 2010
1890-O VAM-13A - February, 2013
1890-O VAM-29 - February, 2013
1898-O VAM-20 - June, 2015
1879-S VAM-33 - July, 2016
1879-S VAM-29 - March, 2017
1879-S VAM-45 - March, 2017
1921-P VAM-1K - August, 2010
1879-S VAM-29A - March, 2017
Favorite VAM Reference
E Clashed Morgan Dollar
Peace Dollar Vam Sales

Buffed Reverse Variety

Camera.jpg1880-O VAM-45A Doubled 80, O/O Left, Over Polished Reverse
Camera.jpg1881-O VAM-16 Doubled 1, Over Polished Reverse
Camera.jpg1881-O VAM-1J Over Polished Reverse
Camera.jpg1883-O VAM-1C1 Buffed Reverse
Camera.jpg1883-O VAM-1C2 Buffed Reverse, Die Clashed Reverse M
Camera.jpg1883-O VAM-49A Tripled O Left Inside, Clashed Reverse M
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1D Over Buffed Reverse
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-19 Doubled Ear, Far Date, Very High O, Extreme Buffed Reverse
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-20 2 Olive Reverse, Buffed Reverse

Extreme Die Wear Variety

Camera.jpg1879-CC VAM-6 Tripled 1, Doubled 879, Centered CC, Crumbled Stars, Gouges Right Wreath
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-35 Doubled 1-80 (LDS)
Camera.jpg1888-O VAM-1G Crumbled Reverse Letters
Camera.jpg1889-P VAM-3A Doubled1889 & Ear, Far Date, Sunken Obverse Die
Camera.jpg1889-P VAM-7A High 9, Die Chips Stars & Neck
Camera.jpg1889-P VAM-51 Doubled Ear (LDS)
Camera.jpg1889-O VAM-13B Far Date, Crumbled Stars
Camera.jpg1890-O VAM-1F Crumbled Field Below Right Stars
Camera.jpg1890-O VAM-13A Near Date, High O, Extreme Die Wear
Camera.jpg1890-O VAM-14A Far Date, High O, Many Die Chips Reverse
Camera.jpg1902-O VAM-4B Near Date, Die Chips Stars
Camera.jpg1902-O VAM-28A Near Date, Doubled Profile, 2 Olive Reverse, Crumbled Stars

Most Unusual Variety

Camera.jpg1881-P VAM-17 Ringworm
Camera.jpg1921-D VAM-1G Field is dented down front of denticles above IBU
Camera.jpg1922-D VAM-2BD Double Die Break below IN
Camera.jpg1923-P VAM-1BN O Die Defect Below GOD
Candidates for Most Unusual Variety
Camera.jpg1882-P VAM-1F Clashed Obverse n G (unusual clashed combo)
Camera.jpg1882-CC VAM-2D Unusual large winged die gouge thru top of left L
Camera.jpg1883-O VAM-1F Higher than usual location of clashed st in field of hair edge vee
Camera.jpg1886-O VAM-11A Unusual off-set of vertical vee clash marks
Camera.jpg1886-O VAM-19 Unusual off-set of lateral clash marks
Camera.jpg1887-P VAM-13A Eagle's head doubled clashed on the obverse by neck/jaw junction
Camera.jpg1887-O VAM-30A Clashed Obverse O-L & R, Reverse TY (Hit List 40)
Camera.jpg1890-P VAM-29A Widely spaced vertical die clash lines up from top of eagle's right wing at right side of n and G
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-14A Clashed dies set lower than normal (Kimpton 12 Variety)
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-20 Same reverse clashed as vam-14A but stronger with obverse shifted date
Camera.jpg1895-O VAM-3A Bearded Eagle
Camera.jpg1897-S VAM-9A Spiked Lip (unusual gouge placement)
Camera.jpg1900-S VAM-18A Unusual die chips on serifs of rev letters
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-3EU Unusual scribbles way up on TF
Camera.jpg1924-P VAM-1I Die Break Above Wing