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Obtain donations of Morgan silver dollars and references from collectors and dealers for museum display and for use in teaching the silver dollar course at the ANA Summer Seminar. Publicly acknowledge donor contributions via the internet and as label attachments to donated specimens.


 The ANA and the Morgan dollar collector and dealer community have a common interest in educating newcomers as well as advanced collectors to the many benefits of collecting silver dollars. The problem with any potential instructor(s) teaching the course is that a huge specialized inventory of Morgan silver dollars is needed to do a thorough job. This effort is an attempt to obtain a significant inventory of various Morgan silver dollars examples for storage at the ANA Edwards C. Rochette Money Museum so that:

(1) ANA may develop informative and educational public displays of Morgan silver dollars, and
(2) ANA instructors may use the inventory for ANA Summer Seminar classes for many years to come.

How Can I Participate?

 Any ANA dealer or member can participate by checking one of the many checklists below to see if there is a need for a particular example of a Morgan silver dollar. Please note that while higher grade specimens are always appreciated, for educational purposes, the grade at which the desired feature can be seen is adequate. For example, a coin in G-4 condition with a 90 degree rotation is certainly adequate to see the desired feature, whereas an 1887 “Alligator Eye” may require a coin in AU or MS to see the desired feature.

To make one or more donations, please download our suggested standardized format for each submission. Please ensure your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, ANA Member Number, coin date, mint mark, estimated grade, variety (certified specimens preferred), error designation, and estimated value is included. For your tax purposes, a letter acknowledging receipt of your donation will be sent to you after your submission. Your name will also be listed as a donor in a future issue of The Numismatist.
[Click here to download a donation form.]
On a weekly basis, ANA will update the checklist below o show which coins have been donated and who donated the coin.
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Checklist of Generalized Instruction Sets

1. Certified Grading Set
2. Various Grading Service Holders
3. Various Types of Toning
4. Satiny vs. Proof-like vs. DMPLs
5. GSA Holders

Checklist of Targeted Morgan Dollar Varieties

1. 1878-8TFs
2. 1878-7/8 TFs
3. Top 100 Morgan Dollars
4. Select Sets
a. 1878-S B1 Reverse
b. 1879-S Rev ‘78
c. 1888 Oval O’s
d. Micro O’s and small s
e. 1900-O/CC’s
f. 1921 Wide Reeds
5. Hot 50 Morgans
6. Hit List 40 Morgans
7. Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars
8. Fun with 1921-D

Checklist of Morgan Dollar Proofs, Patterns and Errors

1. Checklist of Proof Dollars
2. Checklist of Morgan Dollar Patterns
3. Examples of Morgan Dollar Errors


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