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1878 8 Tailfeather Guide

(Draft page starting an 8TF Guide - looking for ideas and comments)
Attribution of 8TF coins begins with a close examination of the engraved wing feathers where the wings meet the body. To start your identification, match the feathers to the reverse dies pictured below.
Robj 1878 vam1 guide e.jpg
A1a Reverse: VAM-1
Notice the looping die scratch going from the E of ONE into the D of DOLLAR.
Robj 1878 vam1 guide a.jpg Robj 1878 vam1 guide b.jpg Robj 1878 vam1 guide c.jpg Robj 1878 vam1 guide f.jpg
A1b reverse: VAM-2
Robj 1878 vam2 guide b.jpg Robj 1878 vam2 guide h.jpg Robj 1878 vam2 guide d.jpg Robj 1878 vam2 guide e.jpg Robj 1878 vam2 guide f.jpg Robj 1878 vam2 guide g.jpg
A1c reverse: VAM-3,VAM-4, VAM-5, VAM-14.6, VAM-14.7,VAM-14.11,VAM-14.11,VAM-14.12, VAM-14.14,VAM-14.17,VAM-14.18 (click link to go to an A1C attribution guide)
Robj 1878 vam3 guide a.jpg Robj 1878 vam3 guide b.jpg
Robj 1878 vam4 guide e.jpgRobj 1878 vam3 guide d.jpg
A1d Reverse: VAM-6, VAM-7, VAM-14.5, VAM-14.8, VAM-14.19